A Successful Outcome from Awful Guests

In today’s episode, we have fellow host Kim Legrand from the Facebook Group, the Hosting Journey. Kim is sharing “A Successful Outcome from Awful Guests,” or as we’re calling it, “The Wedding Couple from Hell.”

I know, back-to-back episodes with successful outcomes, but this one is a lot different from Episode 50: Communications, Expectations, and Resolutions (and the mystery stain). In this episode, the guests maliciously and knowingly misbehave and then call the credit card company to get their money back.

Yes, a chargeback. I did say they were the couple from hell.

Winning a Chargeback:

But Kim won! And she is sharing how she successfully won this chargeback. The guests didn’t want to pay for the stay or the damages they caused to her home. In addition, Kim is a brand new host. At the time of this recording, she has been hosting for less than a year. The many lessons she has learned in such a short time. Oh my.

Let me tell you a bit about Kim. After 30 years in the legal profession, not a lawyer., Kim left the field and began hosting one of her properties in South Carolina as a short-term rental. You can view her magnificent vacation rental at thehostingjourney.com slash 51.

The Lessons Learned:

In this episode, we will talk about:

  • The importance of having iron clad house rules: Kim’s experience in the legal field made her create very specific house rules, which is one of the main reasons she was able to win her case.
  • The importance of getting all of your documentation right from the beginning.
  • The role the video doorbell footage helped with her claim.
  • Sometimes being a nice person doesn’t pay (pun intended).
  • People lie, but one person saved them from Kim calling the police.

Kim, thank you so much for sharing this (I want to say horrific) experience with the Hosting Journey community. And I’m happy that it all worked out in your favor. Wow. The many lessons learned.

I know Kim and I went deep in our conversation about house rules and the difference between what goes into a house rule and a house manual. Listen to Episode 49: How to Prevent Problem Guests and Fraud, where Michael McKay talks about the importance of those house rules. You can listen to that episode and see Michael’s extensive and very specific wording of his own house rules on my website..

Kim is a very brave and strong host. We try not to change who we are as a person when we face people who disrespect our homes. And let’s remember, this couple was the exception and not the rule.

In this case, Kim didn’t kick out a loving wedding couple. She kicked out a couple who happened to get married on this day and who believed Kim’s rules didn’t apply to them.

Remember hosts: your house, your rules.

Your Host,



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