Surrender while taking action

Dear host, I’ve been looking back at 2020 as well as the first half of 2021. We all dealt with the obstacles 2020 handed us, and some of us are still struggling with difficult situations now in 2021. Today’s episode is Surrender While Taking Action, you might think it’s a contradiction, or what does that have to do with short-term rentals.

I’ve talked a lot about the sale of Eveland 1.0, my original Airbnb, and I’ve also shared openly about the cancer diagnosis I received earlier this year. In both of those situations, I’ve faced so many things that were simply out of my control. It has been hard, my dear host. I won’t deny it. 

But I’ve also learned a huge lesson from the things I’m going through. I’ve learned to surrender when I need to and take action when I must. Listen up to Surrender while taking action


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