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It's important for you to have the right emails sent to your guests at the right time so you can get reviews like this:

“Oh my god! Excellent communications”

But is there too much communication? or too little? In today's episode, I'll talk about “Communications” in your Airbnb listing and the five essential emails to send to your guests. I'll also discuss how to set them up on Airbnb, and how to set them up on IGMs, which is the property management platform that I use for my listings.


Listen: Five Emails to Send for Airbnb Guests


Watch: Five Emails to Send Your Airbnb Guests

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You got an inquiry and booking. Did you send them an email saying “Thank you for your booking”? Or did the guests get nothing?

Email #1: Upon Booking Email

Let me tell you exactly what you have to say in your 1st email.  Once your guests book, you want to welcome and thank them. You can say like, “thank you for your reservation”.

My HOA requests, the names of guests over 16 years old so I make that request immediately on that first email. My next paragraph is “Please note, my HOA request this, can you please send it to me?” Give them a specific amount of time. For me, I will always ask them 48 hours from that email, because then if they take a little longer, I could tap them again. I don't leave it open-ended.

So if you have any requests, like they need to sign some contract, or they need to give you information, ask them in the first email and also give them a time limit.

In the 3rd paragraph, let them know and remind them about the “Check-In and Check-Out” information, like the time of the check-in. Also, tell them that you will provide them with arrival information at a later time.

Pro Tip: One of the reasons why I don't give the address nor arrival information this early is just in case they cancel.

Also, request for an email address as part of your 4th paragraph. One of the reasons for this is in case anything happens with the booking and your account, you have their information. However, not everybody gives their email address, and it's okay.

Note: Once they gave their email address, put it in another document and not leave it on the Airbnb platform. Airbnb will block that information after your guest checks out.

The 5th paragraph gives them a little reminder of the further comfort you provide in the house.

This is how I write my first email right after they book and they get it immediately. And now I use IGMs for automation.

Email #2: Before Arrival 

The second email should be right before arrival. I send it in 3 days before guest check-in.  You can give them the name of the listing, and address because sometimes it's hard to find the listing address on Airbnb.

Make sure to let them know the number of guests that are coming or the number of guests that are booked for. One of the reasons for that is in case they have more people coming, or more people were added especially if you have guests limitations or you are charging per guest. So you want them to know like, “Oh, this is the number of people you booked”.

Also provide, the checking information again. Now you can provide all the arrival information. You can also let them know the instructions on how to open up the lock.

Let them know about any HOA restrictions, and give them driving instructions. Also, in both emails (1st and 2nd), give them links to your social media accounts for the listings.

Email #3: After Arrival

The third email should be right AFTER arrival (the next day). You can send this email after the guests check in the next day at 8:00 in the morning. Your guest gets up and sees an email like, “Hey, I hope you had it tonight. Do you have any questions? I hope you looked at the house manual with all the information”.

Email #4: Before Checkout.

The 4th Email should be right BEFORE checkout. Give them the big details, like what to do with the trash, and what to do with the sheets. I tell my guests, “You're still on vacation, no need to strip the bed or make it”. People like to make the bed and some people like to strip the bed. I do not want my guests to do that just in case there were any stains. It is easier to see them on a made bed than on a crumpled-up sheet.

I also let them know what to do with the passes and things like that. That's the email right 24 hours before the checkout. I also provide this checkout information in the house manual.

Email #5: After Checkout

The 5th Email should be 3 Days AFTER the checkout. A couple of days after your guest leave, you can send out a, “Hey, thank you for leaving the house great”. If they do!

And then you can give them a five-star review or if they don't leave the house perfectly, don't send the 5th email. Even though it's automated. What you can do is stop it from going, which is the reason why I have it in the system to be set up and sent about three days after checkout.

And these are your 5 emails!

You need to have amazing communication with your guest. And yes, if my guests ask me questions, I do answer them. It's not like I'm not talking to them, but these are emails that are automated and sent out immediately.

How To Set Up Automated Messages on Airbnb:

Let me show you how to set up Airbnb automated messages. Watch the video below and jump into 9:40 minutes…


  • Go to Inbox
  • Click the left side icon
  • Go to “Schedule Messages”
Airbnb host platform
Airbnb host platform
  • Click on “Create a Scheduled Message”
  • Write a name for your message
  • Paste the pre-written message or use one of the templates from the Language of Welcome
  • Use the shortcodes: guest first name, check-in date, check-in time, and more

The message is all automated and it just grabs the guest names and any other information you requested.

You select the listing that you want to use. Then you do schedule the message, your options are:

  • Booking confirmed
  • Check-in
  • Check out


Airbnb host platform
Airbnb host platform
Airbnb host platform

How To Set Up Automated Messages on iGMS:

Let me show you how to use IGMs, which is the site that I use for all my automation messages for Puerto Rico, for Georgia, and for any listings that I have.

  • Link your account to IGMS.
  • Click on the property icon
  • Click on “Message Templates”
Airbnb host platform
Airbnb host platform

IGMS will provide some templates but I use my own because as a host since 2010 I know what information to communicate without overwhelming my guests.

  • Write your message
  • Use the shortcodes
  • Click on “Automation”
  • Set up the scheduling

I use iGMS because the automation is more robust. I set up all of this communication before my listing is finalized. When I get a booking whether it's from Airbnb or VRBO everything is there already, I'm not thinking I forgot to send in check-in information.

If you want to use my templates, the words I use with all my guests get your hands on The Language of Welcome. Over 20 pre-written words for you to use and customize.

These five emails will provide all the information your guests need. Remember emails are the only way that you are communicating with your guests. They have to be precise and clear.

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