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Evelyn Badia

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The Hosting Journey Blog

THJ 44 Guests you love, Guests you love to see go

Counting the minutes until your Airbnb guest leaves? Kicking your guests out too extreme? Tips and tricks for self-care while living with strangers. Evelyn escaped to a friend’s house, but just in case leaving your own home isn’t an option.

THJ 43 Hiring and Keeping a Cleaning person

Overwhelmed with cleaning your Airbnb? Want to hire someone to help, but you’re not sure where to start? “In Hiring and Keeping a Cleaning person,” Vera Shulgina shares advice on finding, hiring, training, and retaining the perfect staff for you and your listings.

THJ Ep42: Where is Evelyn?

In Where is Evelyn? Listen to find out why was she missing from the podcast and what’s coming up for the Hosting Journey Podcast And find out that after 8 years as a host someone can really mess up with a guest, badly.

THJ Ep41: A Healthy and Happy Host Makes for Happier Guests

In this episode, “A Healthy and Happy Host Makes for Happier Guests,” I get personal and truthful. This week, it's all about the realities of life. I discuss having a system, a support team, and embracing self-care. I also get personal about my own hosting journey. This is a conversation about dealing with the day-to-day and not becoming overwhelmed. Don’t miss it.

Evelyn Badia

The 5-Star House Manual

Imagine having a 24-hour concierge for your rental listing who will:

  • Answer ALL your guests’ questions: how to use the TV, where to find clean towels, local transportation, etc.
  • Review your house rules like check-out info, smoking policy, kitchen access, and more.
  • PLUS offer recommendations for the best restaurants and places to visit…

Oh, and you don’t have to pay them a salary.

I've been teaching hosts worldwide how to create a profitable Airbnb life… And have fun doing it.

“Wow! Your templates for the House
Manual are so clean and professional
looking, plus they cover all information a guest might need. Thank you so much for making these available, totally worth every penny! Love it!”

— Judalon: Visit Judalon's Listing

“Thank you, Evelyn Badia!
Just received my first inquiry/request from Trip Advisor which I listed with during the Spring Challenge! $750 I would never have received without the kick from the Challenge. Thank you!”

— Susan: Visit Susan's Airbnb

These successes can be yours, too!