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Hi, I’m Evelyn, a 5-star Superhost whose goal is to help you become the Airbnb host your guests can’t stop raving about.

My Hosting Journey

When the recession hit in 2010 I lost my lucrative career as a television commercial producer. Six months in I found myself with no return phone calls and no work. With a meltdown looming and savings dwindling, I found an article on Brian Chesky and his brand new business, known today as Airbnb.

Cue the angels singing.

I took some bad photos with my iPhone and listed my bedroom. By mid-June, my first guest, Ed, had arrived at my Brooklyn home. (I go deep about this in Episode 1 My Personal Hosting Journey.)

Those were the early days of Airbnb—there were no Facebook groups or podcasts, and few people were talking about hosting.

When they did, it was more like: “Are you sure about this?” “You’re letting strangers into your home… will they rob you? Will you be safe?” 

Yes, I got in on the ground-floor of Airbnb and the hosting economy. It took some bravery, but it paid off.

Fast-forward to today: I have hosted thousands of guests from all over the world, grossing over 100k every year with just two listings. And I’ve managed to learn how to keep my life simple and uncomplicated.

Has the journey itself been easy? No! In my hosting life, I’ve survived negative reviews, unapproved parties, and even a broken door. But I have learned from every experience. Is it rewarding? Heck yeah. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

And the world is just what I got when I joined the hosting community. I’ve traveled to London, Paris, and other places speaking about Airbnb and hosting. 

My main take-away? Hosting can take you places you’ve never imagined.

Why You're Here:

You’re curious about Airbnb.

You’ve heard stories about Airbnb and you want to know what it will take to be a successful host.

What about money?

You want to know if you can make some money.  (And if so, how much? Is it really as lucrative as they say?)

You’ve heard that hosting can be rewarding but complex.

You’re ready to learn how to reduce any overwhelm and get the knowledge and tools you need to simplify the hosting game and succeed with Airbnb.
About Evelyn Badia Superhost

Who knew I would get to know Airbnb Founders Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia, and Nathan Blecharczyk? Or that I would speak at the Airbnb Open in Paris and Los Angeles.

My Approach To Airbnb:

One of the reasons why I love Airbnb is that it provided me the opportunity to earn “passive” income. I’m grateful for it every single day because it let me open the gate to a new career by using an asset that I already had: my extra bedroom.

I’m not a wealthy person and I don’t come from a background of wealth, but Airbnb allowed me to live rent-free, which in turn has allowed me to travel and create the life I wanted.

Now I’m here to help you gain that same freedom in your life.

The products I created were designed to help me in my own Airbnb business. I never publish anything that I don’t feel is valuable to you as a host. Each course I teach and each product I offer has made a huge difference in my own hosting experience and I know they will for you, too.

About Evelyn Badia Superhost

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