Hi, I'm Evelyn

My Business is Airbnb (Home Sharing)
My Goal is to Help You!

Welcome to The Hosting Journey

Since 2014, I’ve been successfully teaching proven strategies for running your short-term vacation rentals. You'll find invaluable, actionable information to market your spare bedroom or family vacation home. You’ll learn how to maximize results on Airbnb, VRBO, Flip Key, and Booking platforms.

Get ready to be profitably informed!


Some History

One usually tries to have a plan, but sometimes LIFE has another idea. Life always wins!

I learned about Airbnb and the sharing economy because I had to, not because I wanted to. Like many hosts, this was an unplanned career. I started Airbnb to save my home and found a calling for hospitality and home sharing. Who knew?


I was living in NY and working as an award-winning Producer for TV commercials. Sometimes, in my true making-it-happen fashion, I was in some of them.


The crash took the economy and my lucrative career with it. Suddenly, I found myself with no call backs, emails, or the possibility of immediate work… 6 months into the meltdown, panic set in.

Randomly, I found an article on Brian Chesky and Airbnb. After the read and after the panic subsided, I decided to give hosting a shot.  I took some bad photos with my iPhone and listed my bedroom. soon after, I welcomed my very first guest.

I did say, life has other plans… sometimes, they’re good ones.


To this point, I have hosted 100s of guests in my home. I have done more than my share of housekeeping, laundry, and renovations. This “new career” allowed me to pay ALL my New York City bills with just two listings. It also brought back my peace of mind.

My very first Airbnb review in 2010

My Listing A
My Listing B


Since 2014, I've guided many, many newcomers to a successful hosting experience. I started by creating monthly webinars and publishing articles about this Airbnb life… The Hosting Journey (Facebook Group) was born.


I had the honor of being one of the Host Educators at the Airbnb Open Conference in Paris. That class was watched by thousands.


I was asked to return as Host Educator at the 2016 Airbnb Open in Los Angeles.


I will be speaking at the Vacation Rental Summit in Toronto, Canada. Hope to see you there.

Speaking at the Airbnb Open in Los Angeles, California. Nov 2016

The Hosting Journey (.com) was a natural evolution of my Airbnb life. I've already spoken too much about how amazing guests have been, the fantastic money I've made and the neverending laundry I've done.

Why should you listen to me?

Proof is in the pudding…

Weddings, graduations, adoptions, funerals, newborns. I have hosted them all and more.

I’ve dealt with missing guests, rude guests, broken doors, and neighbor complaints. I’ve even dealt with two hurricanes and one flood with guests in tow.

In the beginning, I wasn’t enjoying my “Hosting Journey”.  I was frustrated. I wanted to provide ONLY the BEST for my guests!

Well, sometimes the best wasn’t always the best… for ME 😉

Making money was a matter of figuring out easy steps to follow and simple guidelines for guests Nothing complicated.

I’m not a CPA, but I hired one. I’m not a lawyer, but I run my business like one. I don’t have a degree in hospitality, but I should since I’ve been an Airbnb Superhost for years by consistently receiving 5 stars from my guests.

I want the same for YOU! 


Activist? Maybe… Sometimes.

Yeah, that's Airbnb co-founder Brian Chesky, listening to me rant about —- at —- on 2010

I am active (what?) in the home sharing community.

I’ve spoken to the New York City Council when it comes to the home sharing economy and their proposals and have spoken to the New York State Assembly in Albany, NY on behalf of the Airbnb hosting community.

I’ve also been interviewed by the media about hosting and the issues that arise in the home sharing economy.