The Top 10 Hosting Journey Episodes

Dear hosts, we did it. Episode 100 is here wow. Who would have thought it? You start something, and before you know it. Boom, 100 episodes, and over 80k downloads. Of course I would not be here without you dear hosts. Hopefully you listened to each and everyone of those episodes. But they’re some favorites so today’s episode is “Your Favorite Top 10 Hosting Journey Episodes”

I understand that with over 100 episodes, you probably missed a few and I was surprised when I provided an episode and it wasn’t as well received as I thought it would be.. But we all have our favorites. I’ll link all the episodes on my website, just go on to the hosting journey. com slash 100 to listen if you missed any of them.

The number 10th favorite was:

Episode 43: Hiring and Keeping a cleaning person with Vera Shulgina.

Vera works for a property management company and helps and trains cleaning people. And she is a bit unconventional. One of the big takeaways is that at the time of the recording they were paying the cleaners a standard salary and were hiring non cleaners. Dear hosts, you heard that right, they hired people who had the time and were detail oriented. If you haven’t listened, please do because you’ll get some great ideas for getting that key person.

It was interesting that your favorite 9th episode was

Episode 40: My Adventures and Misadventures in the Lone Star State:

Where I spoke about my trips as a guest in the great state of Texas. Part of the trip I was by myself and in another part I was with my friend Tammy Sims who has been in numerous episodes and will be back very soon. One of the reasons why you should listen to this episode is because I speak about transparency. The truth in our vacation rental, what we provide and what we don’t. I think now more than ever transparency is very important. Let’s be clear on what we offer.

Your 8th favorite episode is

Episode 30: How to Use Airdna Data to Improve Your Airbnb

Where I interview the founder of Airdna Scott Shatford. A very provocative interview where we speak about data and the different markets. Dear hosts, it’s imperative to start our vacation rental in the right place, you’ll have the same expenses. You’ll need furniture, pay for utilities, either a mortgage or rent. But how much profit you make will depend on the market where you start your vacation rental. Go and listen.

The 7th episode that you loved

Episode 32: How To Successfully Process A Security Claim With Airbnb.

It's a super important listen, even if this hasn’t happened to you. In this episode I interviewed Brandon McKenzie, he is a lawyer based in NY , but he is also one of the founders of property management company Metro Butler and he knows about claims. It’s a long episode where we spoke about security deposits, taking photos of your Airbnb and the strategy to use to getting paid when having a claim. Priceless for me when I had to process a claim with Airbnb when guests had a party at my home. So I know you had a huge reason to make this episode a favorite.

Well dear hosts you want to know your numbers because your favorite 6th episode is

Episode 52 Numbers that Matter: Is that Welcome Basket Worth It?

I interviewed a fellow host and a member of the Facebook Group the Hosting Journey Flint Gardner, and we spoke about the importance of numbers.  Like whether you are spending too much money on your welcome basket? Is it better to buy a king size or queen size bed? We also talk about the fact that sometimes you need to spend money to make money. When you buy something, do you know if it’s going to increase your bottom line or give you a 5-stars? So if you haven’t listened, go ahead and do especially now that tax season is around the corner.

Dear hosts before I move on to the top 5 of your favorite episodes. I want to remind you of the upcoming Free Masterclass that I’m teaching all about Guests’ Cancellations. Because I know that feeling when a message comes up and instead of an inquiry you get a.. Hi, I need to cancel my reservation. And it seems like we’re getting more of those than inquiries. And I want you to have a strategy for your business.

The 5th episode that you listened to is

Episode 03: Starting a Brand New Airbnb without Worry.

I understand why it’s one of your favorites. Where I tell you the steps of what to do to start, from cleaning to photography to my top tip.. Go and check it out.

And you listened to some oldies which are still holding with the times because number four is episode 4..

How meta.. Episode 04: He Ate My Avocado: Setting up House Rules and Boundaries.

This episode is a classic, and members of my Facebook Group still post photos of avocados because of it. They don’t send me any. Hmm. Ok. It’s all about creating healthy boundaries with our guests. I know how difficult it can be so I spoke all about house rules, are they crystal clear and concise.. Because “ mi casa es su casa” is not a house rule. Listen to this episode because I talk about the difference of house rules for shared homes and private apartments.
Dear hosts, if you know me, I love a good house manual and your favorite third episode is THJ 10: A House Manual Guests Will Read In this episode I tell you everything you need to create a 5-star house manual. There is an art to it and you can make it happen and your guests will love you for it. Go and listen.

We’re almost there your number two episode is

Episode 73: From 1 to more than 20 listings: The Evolution of an Airbnb Host.

Where I interview Maria and her adventure as an Airbnb host. And it was an adventure since Maria and Jay were one of the first Airbnb hosts from back in the day. She shares all that she did wrong and right. Most important what is making her change her business model.

The number 1 episode with over 2k downloads was Episode 66: How One Review Can Delist Your Airbnb. I interviewed Jeannette Belliveau, whose Airbnb guest review created a chain of events where the unimaginable happened: Airbnb delisted her. That’s right, hosts. Airbnb shut down her account. 

But Jeannette didn't accept Airbnb’s decision. Oh no…she took EVERYONE to court. The guest and Airbnb. You have to listen to find out the outcome. Wow.

Dear hosts, I’m looking forward to the next 100 episodes… Please let me know what you want to listen. More interviews? Companies? Hosts stories? I’m here to serve you.

Life happens and changes. At the moment the entire world is going through a change and we don’t know what it will be on the other side. 

I want you to remember that Airbnb was born because the world went through a big recession. That is the only reason. This too shall pass. 

Once again, this is Evelyn …. Working hard on her next 100 episodes, thanking you, as always, for listening and for joining me on this amazing Hosting Journey… 

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