The 5-Star House Manual

Imagine having a 24-hour concierge for your rental listing who will:

  • Answer ALL your guests’ questions: how to use the TV, where to find clean towels, local transportation, etc.
  • Review your house rules like check-out info, smoking policy, kitchen access, and more.
  • PLUS offer recommendations for the best restaurants and places to visit…

Oh, and you don’t have to pay them a salary.


Spend LESS time answering questions

and MORE time enjoying your life!

Pretty soon after I became an Airbnb host, I realized something CRUCIAL…

I thought TALKING was the best way to give my guests the information they needed.

And I thought giving them this information when they first arrived made sense.

HAHA! Silly me.

For one thing, when a guest arrives, they’re tired.

Or hungry.

Or tired and hungry.

They’re overwhelmed.

They almost never remembered ALL the instructions and house rules I told them upon arrival.

They’d have to ask me.

Or I’d need to remind them. Which got… repetitive.

Guests' Questions

Going over this information with each new guest again and again.

And again.

It wasn’t just inefficient or inconvenient.

It was turning this part-time gig into a full-time J-O-B.

I really wanted my guests to be self-sufficient.

And yet there was SO much information they needed to have a great visit.

I needed a better system!


It started with a Post-It


I started putting the wifi password on a post-it since that was the thing they always asked for.

And soon, the post-it had turned into a binder with EVERYTHING guests would ask me and everything I wanted them to know:

  • My house rules.
  • All the basic info about using (or not using) things around the house.
  • PLUS a list of my favorite restaurants and cafés, transportation, first aid…


Here’s the thing that blew me away:

My guests started telling me how much they LOVED the House Manual: “Oh, my God! What a great book!” they’d rave.

A 5-Star Review

FINALLY, I have…


(cue me dancing to George Michael)

I have SO much more time because I’m not constantly answering guests’ emails and texts with all the same questions.

(So… Many… Questions.)

Guest Enjoying The House Manual

Just the other day, a guest was CLEANING UP! after breakfast with the house manual open to the section on Central Park. He was using it plan his day and make the most of his visit!

Purchase Your Own 5-Star House Manual



Instructions for creating your House Manual

Here is where you’ll answer questions about what’s important to you, including:


  • House Rules
  • Check Out Guidelines
  • Emergency Information
  • And Much More
House Manual Template

House Manual Template

Here’s where your guest can find All the information they need about your house.

  • House Rules
  • How to use Appliances
  • Check-Out
  • And Much More
House Manual Template

2019 NEW AND IMPROVED! House Manual Template

Here’s where your guest can find All the information they need about your house.

  • Inspiration Sample Texts
  • New Design
  • Just as easy to use
  • in Google Format!

If it takes your guest from point A to B, you’ll find a section here to help them find their way:

  • Airport
  • Taxi
  • Buses
  • And Much More

Help your guest get the insider’s view of the best of your neighborhood Sections for:

  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Parks
  • And Much More


You can adapt the House Manual to suit your listing and location, with sections for you to add, take out and modify

Beautifully Designed

ALL the work has been done for you so you don’t have to wrestle with your computer.

No Tech Skills Needed

The 5-star House Manual templates are EASY to use with sections you fill in and begin using  RIGHT AWAY.

Yours Forever

You’ll have the House Manual to use for 1 listing or 100.

Easy to Update

You can keep adding information whenever you like. New house rule? Just add the info in that section, print out the pages and it’s done!

Gives YOU Freedom

Freedom to let your guests enjoy your space, neighborhood and hometown without needing constant input from you

Gives your GUESTS Freedom

They’ll feel independent, knowledgeable and at ease.

Great Reviews

Your guests will get so much value from this thorough House Manual, they’ll rave about it in their reviews.

Wow! Your templates for the House Manual are so clean and professional looking, plus they cover all the information a guest might need. Thank you so much for making these available, totally worth every penny! Love it! 


Being brand new to hosting, we found the House Manual template setup to be more than just a great design option and time saver. The format is a handy outline of many hosting details we never would have considered and would have to discover on our own by trial and error.

Craig/Airbnb Host


You  can choose your Theme:

Choose one of the following themes: Beach, Mountains, Snow, or major cities as the images that will make your House Manual a thing of beauty. Or you can upload your own images to make it truly personalized.

City Theme


Scenic Theme

Customize It

As soon as you download your House Manual template, you’ll receive it in four formats:







Are you a PC or MAC person?
I’ve got you covered! Formats and instructions for ALL computer species.


Evelyn’s House Manual is the perfect tool that pushed me to finally get a really nice manual together for my listing. I’m not good at creating professional presentations and that work was done for me! I also got ideas for sections of the manual I had not thought to add (I had not taken the time to research public transportation and that section prompted me to do that). No matter what software you use (Powerpoint, pages, Word, Keynote) there is a template for you.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use the House Manual with multiple listings?

Yes. Once  you download it, it’s yours to use for one listing or with your entire empire of listings.

I have a Castle, and I don’t see a template with a Castle! Can I use one of my pictures?

Yes, you can take beautiful photos of your Castle and add them to the template, using our step-by-step instructions. (Oh, and please invite me over.)

Are you available to answer questions if I get stuck?

Yes. You can join our Facebook group, “The Hosting Journey,” where where I and other hosts from around the world talk about everything hosting, including the template You can also email me anytime.

Do I take the finished House Manual to a printer and print it?

I actually print the House Manual at home with my office printer and place it in a binder. But you can also bring the file to be printed at your local office center.

Am I able to make changes to my House Manual as needed?

Yes, you can modify the house manual for your listing, add pages, take out sections, make it work for your unique listing! That’s the beauty of these flexible templates.

PLUS! As a bonus, you can join our Hosting Journey Facebook group where we talk about everything from stain-fighting tips to reviews to guests eating your avocados – everything you need to enjoy the hosting experience!

Can I see your House Manual?

Yes, here is the House Manual that started it all.


My House Manual

Fill it out, print it and place it in a binder.


$39 = Peace of Mind


Write it once, and it's done!