The Travel Nurse Market Everything You Need to Know

Today we have an informative interview with fellow Airbnb host, Donna Boutin, from New Hampshire. We’re discussing the niche market of “The Traveling Nurse and Everything You Need to Know About It.” You might be thinking, “the traveling what market? I usually get tourists, or business people, or grandparents (which you know I love).

Niche Markets – Who Knew?

Well, my hosting friends, there is a whole world out there of different niche markets. Guests who might come and stay at your listing for a bit longer than your regular short-term vacation rental guest, and it can be just as lucrative, if not more.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How Donna got started with Craigslist. Yes, Craigslist. Where you have no reviews, no photos, no company backing you up. And she still uses it on occasion. Big trust factor.
  • How Donna vets guests and the questions she asks.
  • How overwhelmed it was getting into Airbnb and not wanting to share her profits. But she jumped in, and now she uses the platform to her advantage.

We also discuss:

  • Why a nurse decides to become a travel nurse.
  • How to get into the travel nurse market.
  • The questions to ask a nurse so you don’t waste your time and theirs
  • What’s important to a travel nurse.
  • Operating room clean…what it means.
  • Most important: money! Is it worth it? Because at the end of the day, you have to look at your numbers, lifestyle, and peace of mind.

Dear hosts if you’re like me and you have a big slow season, remember that you can do different things to fill those empty days.

Donna also rents to short-term guests. If you want to see and experience her Superhost hospitality go to  Woodland Stays. To enjoy everything New Hampshire and Donna has to offer.

I am inviting you to consider that businesses can change, expand, and evolve. Just because you’re doing Airbnb and short-term guest right now doesn’t mean you need to do that forever. Also, take a closer look at what’s around you. I mean, who knew travel nurses could be an amazing and lucrative niche market? Well, now we do.

Your host,


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