The Evolution of an Airbnb Host

My guess is that some of you are probably sharing your extra bedroom in your apartment, others probably have one private listing and you are wondering how to grow from one listing to five to 10 to more than 20. Maria and her husband Jay are hosts in New Jersey when they started Airbnbing in 2010, they did so in their private home. Their business quickly grew from there, and they’re not a company, with a big staff. In today’s show, “From 1 to more than 20 listings: The Evolution of an Airbnb Host,” I talk to Maria about their ever-changing journey as an Airbnb host.


We Talk About:

  • How Maria provided breakfast because she thought she had to…
  • Breakfast was a good set up for guests, great conversations, and memories
  • Tactics for approaching landlords (the wrong way and the right way)
  • It was the wild west and how it started changing
  • Flying by the seat of your pants with insurance
  • Maria didn’t even need to look at apartments to rent because she already had a plan

The market changed in 2018, and why Maria and Jay decided to close down their Airbnb business in the United States.

New Adventures:

Thank you so much for sharing your story with The Hosting Journey community. Good luck with your future adventure. I know you’ll create something amazing in Portugal.

Business can grow quickly when you find the right landlord or it can evaporate because of a change in the law. It’s a very different time than 2010 for us hosts, but it’s still exciting and opportunities are still out there, especially for home shares.

Some cities are changing short-term vacation rental laws, while others are allowing hosts to live with guests. You just never know how your business model will evolve.


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