The Tale of Two Airbnb

We sometimes wonder why guests ask us questions when the information is in our description. Right? In today's episode, Tale of Two Airbnbs, you’re going to find out why. I’m talking with my good friend Stephanie Schwab, and she’s sharing the story of her summer holiday experience with her Tale of Two Airbnbs. 

A Vacation to Remember

Stephanie was traveling to Paris this summer with her husband and son, and they had very specific needs. They’re not newbies to the vacation rental world, Stephanie thought they knew how to navigate the Airbnb site, how to ask all the right questions. But then they were confronted with the reality of an Airbnb that wasn’t up to par with the information they had received from the host before the booking. The reality was very different when they arrived at the place they had booked. What would you have done? Would you have stayed or moved on?

What an adventure! thank you, Stephanie, for sharing your story. I’m glad that in the end, you were able to find a perfect place for you and your family.

Remember, dear hosts: be honest in your description, your photos, and your listing.

Stephanie's 5 Truths:

Are you living by Stephanie’s 5 truths? To recap:

  • Is there truth in your listing? That includes the good, the bad and the ugly
  • Do you have great communication and a good welcome strategy
  • Make sure there is space for your guests’ belongings
  • Is there ongoing communication? Do you check-in on your guests after their arrival?
  • Do you include those thoughtful touches that “wow” your guests?

If you enjoyed this discussion, you’ll want to listen to Episode 6, Five Key Tips from Hosts with Chip Conley, former Airbnb Strategic Advisor for Hospitality and Leadership. In this episode, we discuss how we hosts can talk about those non-ideal things about our homes. Whether it’s a small bathroom, not living in the hip neighborhood, or having too many stairs. It’s about creating trust and honesty in our listing.

Remember: your ideal guest will arrive, and you will be prepared for them. Hey, they might even like that small bathroom.

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