,Safety and Your Airbnb

Dear hosts, today’s episode is all about Safety and Your Airbnb. Before you tune me out, listen up; because your business can go up in smoke—literally up in smoke—if you don’t have the correct safety measures set up right from the start.

When Javier and I started La Casita in Puerto Rico one of the things we noticed was that not everyone had smoke detectors checked off as an amenity. Of course, I did my research on other short term rentals, and to tell you the truth I was a bit surprised. Houses in Puerto Rico are usually built of cinder blocks and cement, but furniture catches fire. Remember I said “usually,” because there are plenty of wood structures also. 

When we opened La Casita we purchased smoke and carbon detectors; but I didn’t even realize until this episode that I got it wrong, so wrong.  Now I know that’s one of the many things we need to correct at La Casita.

In “Safety and Your Airbnb.”

I’m interviewing Justin Ford, who is the Director of Safety and Certification programs at Breezeway. Justin has been helping property managers and owners maintain the safety of their vacation rental properties since 2013.  

In today’s episode Justin goes deep into:

  • What are the two most important safety products to get for your Airbnb?
  • Why you should ditch the pool toys. (I know — they could be so instagramable!)
  • And much more! 

I know the Safety and Your Airbnb episode can bring a bit of fear and you might say, ”Wait — should I even start?” But listen to Justin to get the right answers.

Safety and Your Airbnb Discount

I get it that safety can be daunting. We want to make sure our properties and our guests are safe.

Well, Breezeway has created a way for you as a host to self-inspect your property in just 15 minutes, right from your home. 

You don’t have to spend hours on YouTube trying to figure stuff out.

All you need is your cell phone or tablet.

Within 24 hours you’ll get your checklist and instructions, and off you go. Also, they’re not giving this certificate of safety to just anyone. You’ll have to submit photos and proof that you’ve worked on any issues.

They want to make sure they give the Commitment to Safety certification only to hosts who have a safe home. 

The best part is, you can get an actual Safety Certificate that will show your guests how much you care.

Visit Thehostingjourney.com/safety.

If you’re one of the first 100 buyers and use the promo code Badia, 2020 you’ll get a 50% discount on safety certification and review. 

That’s for the first 100 hosts that buy the certification, so hurry up. 

Go toThehostingjourney.com/safety and use the promo code badia2020.

I’m going to be checking my Puerto Rico home; plus, I’ll be doing this safety certification for every property I create.

Breezeway Safety Certification will definitely be a line-item in my budget. Because safety is just as important as those Target Threshold sheets.


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