How One Review Can Delist Your Airbnb

We invite strangers into our homes. We provide a welcoming environment. We ask them if everything is alright. We trust them, and we hope they’re honest. But what happens when they don’t communicate with us, and instead they say something negative on a review?

That’s the subject for today’s episode: “How One Review Can Delist Your Airbnb.” I’m speaking with Jeannette Belliveau, whose Airbnb guest review created a chain of events where the unimaginable happened: Airbnb delisted her. That’s right, hosts. Airbnb shut down her account.

An Experienced Host:

Jeannette is not a new host. Yes, she has over 600 reviews. And with one guest, her income and her entire livelihood were ruined. Jeannette Belliveau has home shared in Baltimore since 1991. She is a former journalist at the Baltimore Sun and Washington Post and the author of two books. Because of her extensive travels, she has often been to the countries of her guests.

Keep listening to this amazing and inspiring story to find out what happened when Jeannette didn’t accept Airbnb’s decision. Yes hosts, Sometimes, we have to take a stand and fight for what is right. that’s today’s episode “How One Review Can Delist Your Airbnb.”

Visit Jeannette:

I want to thank Jeannette for sharing her experience with us here at The Hosting Journey. Go to Baltimore, and stay at her vacation rental: Charm City Home Stay

Here is a link to her court case:


Keep Your Business Safe:

Dear hosts, remember to pull ALL of your guest’s information from any and all platforms.

Once I receive a reservation from a guest, I ask for their personal email address in my first communication. If they don’t provide it, I don’t push for it. But for the most part, guests share it. I then copy their name, phone number, email, and any notes from the platform and place it all in another document. This keeps the information safe should there be any technical issues with the site and in the event of your account being shut down.

In Jeanette's case, Airbnb reinstated the listing, but normally they don’t. This is your business. You have to keep it safe.


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