I’m always pleasantly surprised by what Guests will talk about it. They’ll comment on it. They’ll even write reviews on my reviews about it. Yeah, it can truly make an impression. What can? What are you talking about? Your BESTSELLER!

“Your House Manual”

On this week’s last installment of the 4 Four Play the Replay, “Spring Clean Your Airbnb Challenge: Your House Manual,” we discussed how a well-designed “House Manual” can leave a lasting impression and how important it is to let “Your House Manual” separate you from other listings and make your guests feel SPECIAL. Win, win!

Wait! You missed the class? Well, you’re Lucky. Why?

Well, the class is now on RERUNS! Did I say, LUCKY?

Yes, you can watch us have fun creating “YOUR HOUSE MANUAL!”

Here’s what you missed and can learn by watching:

      • What is essential?
      • The extras.
      • And what will make your home stand apart?

Having the previous 3 classes, “Cleaning Your Space,” “Cleaning Your Photos,” and “Cleaning Your Description” under your belt, it only makes sense to top it off with the great PLAY the Replay “House Manual” class to place that cherry on top…on Top of your listing, of course.

CONGRATULATIONS on completing The 4 Four Challenge!

The manual master,


Posted on May 19, 2016

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