My Personal Hosting Journey

The Hosting Journey Podcast is the offspring of my real hosting Journey and how that journey started me on a path to self-awareness and personal strength. Both personal and financial.

When the economy tumbled in 2010, so did my career. Everything in my life was about to change. The journey had started and I didn’t even know it. I will share with you the good, the bad, and the ugly…. That eventually became quite beautiful.



The living with strangers, the constant cleaning, and laundry, the judgment of family and friends. ALL of it, I will share with you. How I was able to break through the judgment of others, including myself, and make a temporary setback into a successful lifetime career choice. How hosting and the hosting journey brought me freedom and power and how it can provide the same to you.  

I will share with you the pitfalls, mistakes, and doubts I went through so that you don’t suffer through it. I will also share with you the fulfillment of being your own boss and making your own rules.

Hopefully, The Hosting Journey Podcast will inspire you to host and help you make your own hosting journey a successful, prosperous and profitable one.

I know I wish I had a Podcast to guide me when I was struggling and decided to start hosting. That’s really my true mission and goal with this podcast. To make sure my listeners feel guided and connected and NEVER feel lost or alone on their Hosting Journey.

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