How to make the most of your property

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Today I'm talking to Thibault Masson on “How to Make the Most of Your Property – Working with Different Platforms”

Who´s Thibault Masson?

Well, you might not know this experienced vacation rental entrepreneur, blogger, an author now, but trust me, by the end of this episode you will. Thibault will have you rethinking your current listing, how you promote and market it, and even about investing in other vacation rental properties… So, get ready to meet Thibault Masson.

A little background before we go ¨live.¨ Thibault is from Paris, France, and started in the vacation rental world some 20 years ago, when he went to the French island of St. Barth in the Caribbean. There, spontaneously, Thibault and his partner decided to purchase a villa, although they actually intended to buy an apartment in Paris.

At that time, Thibault was a ¨long distance¨ owner in Paris with a vacation rental villa in the Caribbean… Remember, this was pre-internet (The Horror!) Being new to the vacation rental business, he really didn’t know how to attract guests or how to market his new investment. At one point, he was giving out 20% commission to agents in order to get reservations. Of course, once the Internet and the booking platforms hit, the entire market was revolutionized. That's when Thibault decided to take the reins of his vacation rental back and, as they say, the rest is history.

Evolution of a Host:

In this episode, we discuss the evolution of his career as a host through the years… We discuss the calendar, which is the biggest issue when you’re on multiple platforms…. and we go over the question, how many platforms are too many?

Plus, we talk about investing in a channel manager and if it's really necessary.

Thibault also happens to work for as a Product Marketing Manager, so of course, we talk all about ¨¨ and get some insider scoop about the platform…

For example, how are they listening to homeowners and employees, like Thibault. Since he comes with the knowledge of being an actual vacation rental owner. has improved a lot since their humble beginnings, and they are continuing to improve their product.

Also, on a personal note, I’ll let you all know soon what I think of since I plan on listing one of my listings with them this spring… and as you know, I like to share my experiences and the lessons I learn with all of you to help make your own journeys a little bit smoother. That’s right. I’m gonna be your guinea pig… your squealing guinea pig.

I want to thank Thibault for sharing his story, time, and extensive knowledge of the vacation rental industry with us here at The Hosting Journey. Owning and managing 3 vacation rentals located in Bali, Indonesia, and St. Barths is not easy, but he sure makes it seem like a breeze.

Of course, if you want to follow Thibault, go to RENTALPRENUERS.COM, where he blogs… Yep, he blogs, too.

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Some of the links mentioned are affiliate links. if you choose to make a purchase, I may earn a commission. Commissions come at no additional cost to you.

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