The Journey from Purchase to First Guests

Today I have returning guests Jess Clemons and now her husband Bryan. They are joining us to discuss how almost a year after buying a property to Airbnb they finally went live. That’s today’s episode. “The Journey from Purchase to First Guests for the Clemons.” And what a journey it has been!

What You Think… The Reality:

Yes, I know. An entire year from initial purchase to having actual guests sleeping in their brand new Target sheets. You might be saying, “No way. That’s not going to be me. My place will be ready in no time. I got that this.” Well, listen to the Clemons’ adventure, where we talk about:

  • Choosing the right property. And listen to Episode 34 Exciting and Valuable Conversation with a New Airbnb Host where their journey begins and then come back to continue their journey.
  • Working with a partner. Defining the roles from early on. Yes, who does what is just as important as the money.
  • Deciding what was important to renovate.
  • Projects. They will evolve beyond what you originally planned. Squirrel poo might happen.
  • Trust the person with the right job. If you don’t have any design sensitivity, get a friend that does.
  • Ask for help around your circle of friends. You never know who knows what until you ask.
  • Work with the city. The city regulates…and delays.

We're LIVE!

After an entire year, the Clemons vacation rental home was ready. Photos were posted; their Airbnb listing went live, and within the first 24 hours they received:

  • A booking request… Yay!
  • A cancellation.., No
  • A discount request… Wait, what???

How did they answer? What did they say? Well, Jess and Bryan were prepared. They had me in their back pocket. Ok, maybe not literally…but they had my “Language of Welcome: The Ultimate Guide to Guest Communication Templates” on their computer. What’s that, you’re asking?

The Language of Welcome: The Ultimate Guide to Guest Communication

Ahh, I’m so glad you asked! “The Language of Welcome: The Ultimate Guide to Guest Communication” is my brand spanking new (at the time of this recording) product that will help you navigate all kinds of communication with your guests.

Just getting a discount request from a guest can throw you off-kilter. And coming up with an answer can be as daunting as figuring out what to do with a new washer and dryer that doesn’t quite fit in its space. Pro tip: Measure twice and cut once people!

Which is what happened to Bryan and Jess. Yes, both things. Check out about The Language of Welcome for more information.

Hygge Big Bear:

Jess and Bryan. have a very specific lifestyle that they want their Airbnb to showcase.. Their design and name, Hygge – It’s Danish, for their vacation rental communicates this sensitivity, and will set them apart in the Big Bear market. Think about this before you build your brand new space.

The Journey from Purchase to First Guests Big Bear Hygge Main Photo
The Journey from Purchase to First Guests Big Bear Hygge Living Room
The Journey from Purchase to First Guests Big Bear Hygge Table
The Journey from Purchase to First Guests Big Bear Hygge Washer Dryer

I want to say thanks, Jess and Bryan, for sharing your year with us. You are brave souls, and I want to go and stay in your lovely Big Bear amazing home. You can find their listing here:

Big Bear Hygge in Instagram

Big Bear Hyggee in Airbnb

Starting a new Airbnb can be daunting and a bit scary. I get it. It’s a new adventure; a new experience. Having the right team is essential, whether it is a business partner, a construction person, or even more important, a cleaning crew. 

I also consider myself part of your team, bringing you stories to help you learn from my own and the experiences of hosts from around the world. 

Your host,


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