How to use Airdna data to Improve your airbnb

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I’m so glad you guys have tuned in and joined me for this informative…and, I admit, a sometimes feisty episode of “How to use Airdna data to improve your Airbnb.”

Today, I’m interviewing none other than AirDNA CEO and Founder, Scott Shatford. He is an Airbnb pro, author, and very vocal short-term rental advocate from AirDNA. He started Airbnb hosting back in 2012 in Santa Monica when he wanted to travel to Southeast Asia.

Of course, taking that first leap into Airbnbing was the hardest part. But as you will hear, as Scott started to have success on the platform and saw the cash cow he was sitting on…he decided it would be smart to start adding properties to his listing.Then, life happened. It usually does, right?

Scott realized there wasn’t any real data out there to help him define the best places to purchase properties that would give him the best return on this new investment. Data was his specialty, after all, but there wasn't any to guide him. He didn’t want to have 100 properties, that would not help his bottom line. That’s when he had his “A-HA” moment and created AirDNA which is now a company of 20 employees and provides accurate data for short-term rentals worldwide.

I brought Scott here today for you, and we discuss:

  • Is there an Airbnb bubble, and how can we avoid it?
  • Do you hold your Airbnb property forever?
  • Different Markets and where to invest. Yes, you want to know.

He not only answers my tough questions, like how much money do you need to start? He also answers some of my Facebook group the hosting journey questions like:

  • “What overall trends did you see in 2017?”
  • “Which are the top reports you recommend for Airbnb hosts to determine whether they are accurately priced for their markets?”

Some GREAT questions,  interesting answers, and rebuttals.

You know me by now. I will ask questions ‘til we are ALL clear…

“How to use Airdna data to improve your Airbnb episode” is a must if you’re thinking of entering the world of vacation rentals and/or expanding your very own  Airbnb empire.

So keep doing what you're doing… All you need are your ears… It’s gonna be a good show.

I want to thank Scott for sharing his time and knowledge with us and answering not just my questions, but also responding to questions from members of my facebook group: The Hosting Journey.

If you want to contact Scott go to were at the time of this recording he is introducing “Market Minder”  The product to have if you want to expand your empire… and you know I’m gonna be all over it.

Let’s remember, we want to grow our business because at the end of the day…it’s a business.

Whether you rent, buy, for short-term, or hold, do it in a smart and deliberate way. Collecting all of the correct information and making educated decisions will save you time, and more importantly, money.

Your Host,




Some of the links mentioned are affiliate links. if you choose to make a purchase, I may earn a commission. Commissions come at no additional cost to you.

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