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This is a long episode, but then again, this is a VERY important topic…. So, stay with me… You'll be glad you did…
Okay, your guest has an accident in your home…. Yes, it's bound to happen… Now you might be staring at a broken door, a cracked heirloom mirror… or perhaps dealing with the aftermath of that unauthorized party… and you weren’t even invited… What to do? What to do? Well, don't worry… Today, we´re tackling:

How To Successfully Process A Security Claim With Airbnb.

And back in the house is Brandon McKenzie from Metro Butler. Oh yes, Brandon returns! I tapped Brandon for this important show because he's had to process a lot of claims in his world as a property manager. Brandon and I get deep into the world of processing a security claim, and more importantly, getting it paid by Airbnb because there's nothing worse than having an item broken by a guest and then jumping hoop after hoop to get paid for it. And that’s exactly what happens when you need to process a claim with them.

Of course, I know you´re also covered by your own homeowners' insurance… Why do I know that? Because I know that you listened to my episode Everything you Need to Know about insurance for Your Airbnb right? Right, but regardless, sometimes we still want to go ahead and process a property claim against the security deposit.

So, listen up and learn which hoops you'll need to jump in order to get that shattered glass table top reimbursed.
In this episode, we are going to discuss:

  • Security Deposits: Are they a must or a bust?
  • How valuable is your valuable? How much do you think your torn Saturday Night Fever poster of John Travolta is worth? Hmmm…
  • What is the strategy for getting a claim processed? Remember, Airbnb isn’t in the market of wanting to pay out damage claims, so you need to learn the best strategy to get paid.
  • Take photos of damage because a picture says a 1000 words… Plus, you will need these photos for your claim.

Brandon even spoke about Airbnb´s section 3-c of their contract … He went deep, deep. and I mean, deep… You just need to listen to it.

New Type of Guest:

Also, the NEW characteristics of guests… Yes, guests have evolved ( and we miss the old ones).
And my one big tip? If you have something of sentimental value… Please remove it from your listing… Why? Because, like I said before, accidents will happen my dear hosts… And there is not enough money in the world that can replace your lovely grandma’s fine china.
In this episode learn how we, as hosts, can protect ourselves against theft and damages.

I want to thank Brandon one more time for sharing his time with us here at the hosting journey. Maybe, I’ll make him a regular… I'll have my people contact his people, but I promise to make our episodes shorter. What do you think?

Just in case you want to get more info from Brandon, you can find him at And yes, he's in the new essentials page.

I hope you never have to process a claim against a guest. It's NEVER fun, but if you do, now you have the roadmap to process it successfully and protect your precious valuables…



Some of the links mentioned are affiliate links. if you choose to make a purchase, I may earn a commission. Commissions come at no additional cost to you.

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