Connecting with your guest as a remote superhost with Tammi Sims
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Today we’re back with a new “Hot Mic” episode, with tons of brand new information on what’s happening in our Airbnb world and so much more. In Hot Mic: What does your Guest Rave About? you’ll find out…


That you can now get your money early from Airbnb with Host Early Pay. Yes, no more waiting until your guests check in for your bank account to cash in.

What is Host Early Pay?

Airbnb will initiate your payout 48 hours after the booking is confirmed, and you should receive your payout in 1-3 days. The only catch is that an additional Host Early Pay fee will be added to each eligible payout.

Of course, Host Early Pay isn’t offered everywhere, and if you can’t get this service from Airbnb, then you have options, my hosts, like, Payfully.

Payfully offers Airbnb hosts access to future earnings for any booking as soon as it's confirmed. With Payfully, you Get Paid Now for Upcoming Reservations. Yes, paid up front. This can really help you if you’re in a bind and need that pay out fast… You can find out more at Yes, I’m an affiliate there, too.

That’s just one of the new things at Airbnb.

“Who's in Your House?”

In the “Who’s in Your House?” segment, it’s Tammi and Alex who are in their home after three months of traveling. We discuss host displacement and how it feels to finally have a homecoming.

Because there is nothing, and I do mean nothing, like coming back home…and finding out what your guests have done to it. Always, a “fingers crossed” moment.

‘What's Hot?”

Then it’s “What’s Hot” in my Facebook Group the Hosting Journey. We talk about all of the natural disasters that are currently happening at the time of the recording. We also discuss insurance and finish the episode with something light… Oh yes, something light and easy.

Our Facebook Group member Brodi asked the question: What's one unique thing about your listing that guests rave about in reviews? That’s all it took to get the ball rolling, and it was excellent. Thank you so much for reminding us hosts what our guests love.

All this, and so much more on this week’s episode of Hot Mic: What does your Guest Rave About?

Of course, you need not fear. we will be back again with more news about our Airbnb because we want you to know what’s going on.

And I know I forgot to ask Tammi about Pauline’s sheets, but I do have an answer and we will discuss it on the next Hot Mic. You know I want you to know.

Please take the time to go through your insurance paperwork. I know insurance isn’t sexy, but too much is going on and I want to make sure your home and business are safe and covered…. and that’s sexy!

I hope everyone is well and safe.

Your host,



Some of the links mentioned are affiliate links. if you choose to make a purchase, I may earn a commission. Commissions come at no additional cost to you.

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