Hosting Pets in Your Airbnb

Dear hosts, I have gone to the dark side. That’s what the folks in my Facebook group, The Hosting Journey, are saying. Why you may ask? Because I’m going to accept pets at Eveland 2.0. Yes, today’s episode is about Hosting Pets at your Short Term Rental or Airbnb.


I'm going to talk about:

  • Planning ahead
  • Equipping your space
  • Taking charge, and
  • Supplying the tools.

And yes, that spells Pets. I’m also going to let you know why I decided to host pets.


Video Transcript:

Evelyn (00:00):

Dear hosts, I have gone to the dark side. I know my people in the Facebook group, The Hosting journey. That's what they're saying because I have decided to host pets at some of the properties of Eveland 2.0. Yes! I'm giving in. Now in today's video, I'm going to talk about planning ahead, equipping your space, taking charge, and supplying the tools. And yes, that spells “PETS”. So let's talk about hosting pets!

Evelyn (00:30):

Why Hosting Pets?

Okay, let's start from the beginning. Why did I decide to host pets at my new properties of Eveland 2.0? Because that was not an option that I was given to people during Eveland1.0 in New York city. And we don't provide that option either in Puerto Rico, La Casita. But I have decided to “YES! host some pets”. And one of the big reasons is this —- I know for a fact because I've done the research, that properties, that host pets make more money.

Evelyn (00:58):

Know the Pros and Cons:

Yes, they do! And YES! There's more cleaning. But I think that if you already tell the people that are going to book your properties that “there are going to be pets in that property that “This is not a pet-free property”. Expectations are different. If you normally say “This is a pet-free property”. Guests who are allergic to pets, and one of those will probably not book the space, but people that have dogs will do it now I'm not hosting all pets because, in one of the Facebook groups, somebody was talking about that, “somebody wanted to bring a pony” or something like that. No, let's not do that. We're talking about dogs because I don't think I want to host cats. Cats, have different needs and wants, but I'm definitely going to host dogs. I'm not hosting them in all the properties I'm going to probably just host them in two of the four that I'm making right now.

Evelyn (01:57):

My Reason:

And the decision for me to do it is because the properties are cabins in the woods and people want to bring their pets. I also think it is an advantage money-wise because you get to charge more. And a lot of dog owners are pretty good decent people.

Plan Ahead:

So, let's talk about planning ahead. Now, one of the big things that you have to check is with your insurance company.

Evelyn (02:23):

Plan Ahead: Insurance Company-

What are the limitations that they have if you host pets because some insurance company might tell you, “You could host dogs, but only if they're less than 30 pounds”, Or if there are certain breeds that they might not allow you to host? So confirm with your insurance company. And I hope you have a commercial insurance policy because your homeowners' insurance does not cover short-term rentals. So that's one thing, confirm with your insurance policy that you will be hosting pets and what are the rules and regulations for them. Okay? so that's the first tip. This is for you to plan ahead before you even accept pets.

Evelyn (03:08):

Plan Ahead: Prepare Your Space-

The second thing is, prepare your space. So in some of the properties that I got for 2.0. They have carpet in the bedrooms and the part of the renovations that I'm doing is — I'm removing the carpets and I'm installing laminate floors, LVT because they are dog resistant. It's better for dogs. I'm not putting in hardwood floors and I'm not putting carpets. So prepare your space, “Is your space pet-friendly?” Or are the pets going to ruin anything that you might have? Do you have area rugs or anything like that? Because, decided on having a pet will make decisions on your design, on the furniture you're going to get, and everything else for preparing and planning ahead, okay?

Evelyn (03:54):

Plan Ahead: What do you want?-

Now, another question for you to ask yourself, do you want a limitation of how many dogs or animals do you want in your home? Because do you want four? Yikes! That's a lot of dogs. Or do you say a little, no more than two? What's the weight limit? What about the age limit? Because do you want a puppy, an untrained puppy in your house? So these are questions that you need to ask yourself and prepare before you allow to have pets in the house. You also want to make sure that there's an agreement that your house rules have all the information that you want about their pets, okay? Do you want proof of rabies? Do you want them in a cage when they're not home? So things like that, you want to start thinking about what do you want to happen when that pet is in your house? So plan ahead, think before they arrive so you could prep your space.

Evelyn (04:55):

Equip Your Space: Those Towels-

Alright! So let's talk about equipping your space for pets. Because in your space, you want it to be comfortable for your guest and safety, but the same thing for pets. So now if you're allowing dogs, you might want to have some extra sheets and towels. Those are stained, you want them — keep them because you might want to create a little basket of them for dogs only. And that's where those supplies go, alright?

Equip Your Space: Your Furniture-

Now, also you might want to have waterproof covers for your sofa and for the bed. Because look you might say “Don't allow the dog on the bed or don't allow the dog on the sofa”. Let's be real, It's just going to happen, right? It's just going to happen! So prepare before equipping your space to be ready for that. Have enxime cleaners, have poop bags for them to use. Have a leash with your address just in case anything happens.

Evelyn (05:56):

Also, you might want to have washable and water-resistant, couch covers. Look, these are all things that you want to have in your space before a pet comes in. You might want to have some dog food bowls and even some treats think about it as your welcome basket for the pet. Okay? So this is to equip your space.

 Evelyn (06:21):

Taking Charge:

Let's talk about taking charge. Remember on planning ahead, how you decided the age, the weight limit, anything, all those questions. Now, when you take charge, you inform your guests of those decisions. You don't keep it to yourself. So on your house rules, you might have all this information about pets. Also, if you're going to be charging a fee, you're going to be clear about it are you charging a fee per night, or you're charging a fee per pet. Now, if you're not clear about how much to charge? Why didn't you go look at some hotels that accept pets and see what other charging? Like that, you have comparables.

Evelyn (07:02):

And if it a guest is saying “That's too much”, you could tell them, “‘Well, look, this hotel is charging this much. I might be a little less”. So make sure of that!

Taking Charge: Your House Manual

Now also in the take charge, you might want to give them on your house manual pet-friendly destinations restaurants that are good at accepting pets outside or places that they could go hiking and take their pets. Because they're taking the pet to the vacation for a reason. In taking charge, you also want to put information about a pet store, a 24-hour doctor for their pets, just in case anything happens, and a veterinary clinic. This is for you to take charge when a pet is in your property. Okay?

Evelyn (07:48):

Supply The Tools:

The next and last letter is to supply the tools. Look, you cannot tell your guests to clean after a pet if they don't have the tools to clean, because they're not going to bring them.

Evelyn (08:00):

So make sure you have the right vacuum cleaner or, you know all of the things, the things that you want them to use. Should there be an accident in the house? What can they use to make sure to prevent it? Or even to clean it up? So supply the tools for your pets and for the guests to be able to clean after those pets. One of the tips that, on the hosting journey Facebook group said was to actually have a hose outside for the guest to clean. But remember, you have those stained, dirty towels, not dirty. You have the stain old towels for frying that pet before they come back inside. So think about supplying the tools for your guests to have a good experience with that pet in your home.

Taking Charge: The Products I Use-

All right? And if you want to list the products that I'm buying for hosting pets, just go to

And I'm going to have the list thereof everything that I buy beyond things for pets. Believe me, that is a very, heavy-duty list of everything you need and nothing you don't. So just go to

Evelyn (09:21):

So what do you think? Do you want to plan ahead? Equip your space, take charge, and supply the tools so you can accept pets at your vacation rental? Or is that something that is a big no-no for you? Because believe me, you will get inquiries about, “I need to bring my emotional pets”. So you might want to be ready for that. And I get it! If you don't want to allow donkeys and peacocks in your house. So if you like this video press like and be subscribed for more tips and tricks on this whole hosting journey.

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