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Dear Hosts, at the time of this recording, we’re less than 34 days away from the New Year. And I want to ask you, are you prepared for 2020? What’s your vision? I’m not talking about resolutions that get forgotten by February. I’m talking about your Airbnb. I want to talk about Getting it Done in 2020

The Forgotten Task:

Because have you ever received a frantic call from a guest telling you that the smoke alarm was chirping away because the battery was dying?

“Chirp, chirp, chirp.”

Because you hadn’t included the task of replacing that battery in a pre-planned schedule, it cost you sleep and caused you inconvenience. As a result of that rude awakening, you had to get up, get dressed and go over to your vacation rental… that is, if you live nearby. 

If not, you had to call someone to go and replace them. Hopefully, they did. 

Or even worse scenario is the one in which the guest disconnected the smoke detector and never even told you. 

Did anyone check? I was just at an Airbnb in London, and I looked up and noticed the smoke detectors didn’t have batteries. Needless to say, I was wondering why.

Hopefully, someone will notice and all they have to do is go and replace them. Right. 

The Forgotten Calendar:

Changing smoke alarm batteries is a simple task; but what about when a guest books your place during the New Year holiday at your regular rate because you forgot to increase your rate?

Now, that mistake is going to cost you a lot of money and mental anguish.

You’re going to wonder if you should cancel the reservation. Because if you do, Airbnb can block your days. Oh yeah. Or do you honor it and just chalk it up to an expensive lesson learned? 

The Forgotten Sales:

Remember when you stocked up on new sheets and towels, and then two weeks later they were on sale?

You forgot the back to school sales that happen in August. Or your guest wrote on a review that the towels have seen better days. That’s because you didn’t take the time to look at them with fresh eyes. 

Dear hosts 2020 is almost here, and I want you to start the new decade like a Superhost Superstar, whether you’re just starting out or are an old hosting pro.

Getting Your Tasks Done in 2020

Making a Plan for a Profitable Hosting Year:

Say no to empty nights, say no to overwhelm, and say yes, yes, yes to a Superhost year.

This is why I created Getting It Done in 2020: Making a Plan for a Profitable Hosting Year, a live 2-hour workshop. to bring you into the new year with positivity and anticipation.

When you’re Superhost-ready for the year, Your Calendar is ready with the right pricing. Your Airbnb is in tip-top shape.  You’re prepared for all the guests, all the seasons. You, my dear host, are a very happy host!

This strategic planning workshop will have you prepared with a calendar set up for pricing, a marketing plan for the slow season, strategies for maintenance, time to tackle those important tasks before they become urgent, and even pre-planned downtime for that all-important self-care.

So that you can start the new decade hosting with confidence and calm, knowing you’ve got it covered.

What is getting It Done in 2020: Making a Plan for a Profitable Hosting Year Workshop. Two hours live. You, me, a calendar and the tips and tricks of over 9 years as an Airbnb Superhost.
The workshop will take place on December 12th at 3pm Eastern Time. All you need is an internet connection and you. Don’t worry if you don’t have time to come live–there will be a replay; but you need to be live to get in on the Q&A and much more.

During this 2 hour workshop we will:

Review What Worked (and what didn’t).

I’ll share my secrets for how to make the most of past mistakes and build on past successes. From rave reviews to contractor fails to financial fitness, you’ll learn how to look back at the previous year and learn from it all — the good, the bad and the less-than-stellar.

You’ll Plan Your Calendar

and make the most of ALL the days. I’ll share some essential tips to help you avoid double-booking, take advantage of the downtime and plan strategically.

We’ll Talk About How to Prep Your Space for

year-round hosting with ease. We’ll talk seasonal sales as well as how you can save the most money AND wow your guests. I’ll share a year’s worth of tips on how to maintain and upgrade your Airbnb vacation rental so it’s ready for anything the year throws at it.

We’ll Discuss the Best Ways to Promote Your Listing and get return guests.

Yes, the calendar matters. I’ll show you how to strategically sell your space, purposefully plan your promotions and blissfully build your profits.

I’ll Show You How You Can Serve Your Guests with ease and confidence.

Your guests may never see your calendar, but the pre-planning you do will make a BIG difference in the level of welcome and comfort they experience in your space. I’ll share behind-the-scenes tips and tricks for being a prepared and confident host, any day of the week.

We’ll Get You Ready to Savor Some ‘Me-Time’

and show you how you can schedule in some time for FUN. All work and no play makes Evelyn a grumpy host. You’ll learn how to intentionally build-in blocks of time to relax your body, renew your mind and refresh your soul. And sleep. Give yourself time to sleep.Getting It Done in 2020: Making a Plan for a Profitable Hosting Year

Will Prepare You to Succeed in Hosting, with a year of strategy, intentionality and profits. For that, you’ve got to have a plan; and I’ll help you develop it. With a plan in place, the sky’s the limit and Superhost status awaits.

Money Back Guarantee:

Join me Live to get in on all the Q&A and fun stuff that happens at the moment. Here are the details for Getting It Done in 2020: Making a Plan for a Profitable Hosting Year…

When you join me live for you'll walk away with a calendar that will help you create a plan for your best year…OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

Yes, dear hosts, Your money back! This is how I’m playing it this year.

And if you use the code: “Big discounts” until Monday, December 2nd you’ll get 50% off the original price. This is a no brainer.

You, me, 2-hours and a calendar. We’re standing at the threshold of a new decade of hosting challenges and opportunities. With some smart planning, the future looks bright. So, put on some shades. Let’s do this right.

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