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You know when you don’t really know or understand something, and you just try to ignore it? If you ignore it, it will miraculously go away, right? Of course, we ALL know that it won’t…

Well, insurance is one of those “Lovely” topics. We want to ignore it, but it’s an essential part of our business. Let’s face it, Insurance is one of those life necessities we need, and we need to know what we’ve actually insured.

My insurance was about to renew, and it has a “terrorist form/section.” Basically, I had to either accept or decline that coverage. What to do? What to do? I live in New York, and I was confused, my dear listeners. Should I accept this “terror” coverage? Decline it? And what if… I didn’t even want to think about it…I was torn. I mean, it is New York CITY, after all.

I was going to ask my insurance company, but instead, I called my FB group, The Hosting Journey, to the rescue. I asked them what I should do about this type of coverage. To make a long story short, they ended up asking ME to please do a podcast episode about it… because they were as confused as I was… So, here it is, as requested… My

“Everything you need to know about insurance for your Airbnb,” a conversation with CBIZ, episode.


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Reminder, if you want to join the free FB group, visit the hosting journey/community. We welcome you ALL. As of this recording, we’re a very passionate group of over 2,500 hosts. We discuss everything from insurance, best vacuums, to tricks on how to get guests to check out on time… Plus, so much more.

But back to insurance…

Do You Have The Right Coverage?

The truth is, you might think you have the right coverage, but do you, really? We’ve ALL heard the horror stories of folks who thought they had this coverage or that coverage, only to find out they didn’t.

Today’s episode, you’re about to find out what you have covered and what you should have covered.

I contacted my insurance company CBIZ and spoke to Tony Melillo, their sales manager from their Montana office. Tony is here to help us understand the ins and outs of this important topic… And you want to listen because we spoke about:

  • Does a standard homeowner’s policy cover your vacation rental?
  • What if my vacation rental is also my primary residence?
  • How can I protect against a traveler causing accidental damage to my property or contents?
  • What to do if you don’t have a short-term rental the entire time. What to do? What to do?
  • FYI – Did you know that if you have a “Business Activity Exclusion” in your policy, YOU might NOT be covered.. Because, you guessed it, your vacation rental is considered a business. Yep.

We talked about all of that and how to look for it on your current insurance policy.

Today, we will also talk about why Insurance Companies don’t want to cover shared spaces. Yes, we will finally get an answer to this very important question from an actual “live, able bodied” insurance person… and we will have him dish out much more nitty gritty about insurance… In the:

“Everything you need to know about insurance for your Airbnb,” a conversation with CBIZ, episode.

I want to thank Tony Melillo from CBIZ Insurance for sharing his insurance expertise and tips with us today. You can reach CBIZ by visiting their website at: or by calling them directly for all the information you’ll need about insuring your vacation rental.

Tune in to my upcoming episode, featuring an insurance company that has actually started covering the “Shared Economy.” Yes, they offer insurance for your Private bedroom and for hosts with shared space. It’s a possible insurance game changer for those of us in the hosting business. So, stay tuned.

Remember, whether it’s insurance, taxes, or any legal matter, we need to dot ALL of our i’s and cross ALL of our t’s. I know all of this documentation stuff might not be “sexy,” but…and this is a BIG BUT, it keeps our business running safe and legal…

and that…is sexy.

Your Host,


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