My FREE online class will teach you how to deal with that “non-ideal” Airbnb guest without; creating an enemy, crying tears of frustration, or going to jail!

The bedroom is flawless. You can see your reflection on your kitchen floor. Your linens are ironed (if you do that), and your towels have that fresh spring scent.

Now, it’s all about the guest.

  • What do you do if your guest’s Airbnb profile has little insight and the inquiry sent is one word: “available?”
  • What to do when guests have stationed themselves in your living room and you work from home?
  • What if they’ve rubbed you the wrong way and now you have to see them every morning on the way to the bathroom?

In this video, I'll chat on how to handle those non-ideal guests.



Thank you to all the attendees for your participation and for all your great questions.

Reruns are great, but trust me, “LIVE” is ALWAYS better;)

Happy Hosting,


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