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The 5-Star House Manual

Your 24-Hour Concierge for Your Short Term Rental

The Language Of Welcome

The Ultimate Guide to Guest Communication

Travel Nurse Playbook

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Attract and Book Travel Nurses

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The 5-Star House Manual – 20% off

Guests have questions, and a 5-Star House Manual has all the answers! The easy-to-use, customizable 5-Star House Manual will allow you to spend less time answering questions and more time enjoying your life. 

In addition to my leading you through the step-by-step process of creating your house manual, you’ll also get my House Manual template, Neighborhood Manual template, and Transportation template.

Get all the templates you need to help you build a house manual that you and your guests will LOVE! 

The Language of Welcome – 20% off

In The Language of Welcome, I share with you the proven words I use for my own guest communication emails. There are over 25 pre-written scripts that can be customized for your unique needs.

The stress-free communication templates included with The Language of Welcome mean you’ll never be at a loss for words again. Simply copy and paste them or use them to get you started on crafting your own customized message. Either way, they’ll save you time and help you provide confident, clear messaging in all your guest communications.

No need to reinvent the wheel. Use my words, impress your guests, and save money!

The Travel Nurse Playbook – 20% off

In this step-by-step strategic course, I’ll teach you where to find travel nurses; how to plan your marketing strategy; how to handle your finances (including security deposits, rent payments, contracts, and more); how to communicate effectively, and how to prepare your space to welcome these heroes. (Travel nurses stay for eight weeks or longer, so you’ll prep differently when you’re planning to host one.)

I’m a host like you, so I understand the anxiety that comes when you plan to market your rental to a new type of guest. New can be scary. But it can also be amazing. 

Get The Travel Nurse Playbook. And get your hosting game on track to succeed in 2021.


Cyber Monday Sale!

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