Exciting and Valuable Conversation with a New Airbnb Host

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A Series for Brand New Hosts… and Experienced Ones:

Today we have a very special guest, an Airbnb virgin if you will. Yes! Today, I’m speaking with Airbnb hosts in the making, and I’m here to make it a great, pleasant, memorable, and fun experience…as ALL brand new experiences should be. These Hosts are ready and excited to start!

I’m ready and excited, too. Oh yeah, dear hosts, I’m excited. Why? Well, this episode is the first of a brand new series of episodes I’m creating that are dedicated for Newbie (or NOT so Newbie hosts like me, too) to get them ready and excited for their very own Airbnb/vacation rental business. A successful, profitable Airbnb/vacation rental business.

My “welcome host home series” will be dedicated to getting US ALL properly introduced into starting our own “vacation rental business,” and that's what this is…a business!

Hospitality is a multi-billion dollar business. That’s what we do, so we need to learn how to set up our listings properly from the start in order to get our portion, no matter how small, of that multi-billion dollar pie.

This series will be a set of webinars, tutorials, courses, and more. All geared specifically toward dispelling fears, minimizing errors, and setting your listings up for success…and I mean, from the moment it goes LIVE!

I’m excited about this series, and I hope you are, too. So, please stay tuned! We are about to get schooled…in a good way!

From Being Guests to Airbnb Hosts:

As I said, today we’re talking to virgin Airbnb hosts. In this episode, we’ll be following Jess and Bryan Clemons, our newbies in the Airbnb vacation rental world. We are about to follow them on their adventure into their Hosting Journey.

Before we begin, a brief (and I mean brief) intro about the CLEMONS. Bryan is a scientist and entrepreneur, and Jess works in healthcare administration. They are also parents to lovely twins. I told you I would be brief. I happen to know Bryan, as he is part of my mastermind group, which I’m sure you’ve heard me mention on What I Learned as an Airbnb Guest

Bryan knows the true ins and outs of Airbnb Because he’s heard my trials and tribulations, my ups and downs, and some of my more memorable guest stories.

Nonetheless, with all of this info, he and Jess have stepped up! That’s right. The Clemons have decided to jump into the waters of Airbnb/vacation rental, and I’m so glad they did! And I’m about to take away their fears and set them up right away and …RIGHT for SUCCESS! So, here is their story…In this episode, Jess talks about:

  • Their love of travel and wanting to provide a sanctuary and that special experience for their guests.
  • Why now is the right time for them to get into the Airbnb world.
  • How quickly costs add up getting their house ready for guests.
  • Their main goals for their vacation home investment.
  • And the value of having a partner in this NEW adventure.

My Big Tip is to Always Remember:

One of my BIG TIPS for sustainable success in this Airbnb/vacation rental business is to ALWAYS remember….

This isn’t your house, it’s YOUR guests’ house. It isn’t about YOU. It’s a rental property. You need to have your listing have a welcoming footprint… NOT necessarily YOUR footprint. Provide for guests not for you… YOU drink tea, not coffee. YOU still need a coffee maker!

In my new series, I will be addressing these common mistakes and much much more.

I want to thank Jess for sharing her journey as she and Bryan begin this exciting and new adventure.

Your host,



Some of the links mentioned are affiliate links. if you choose to make a purchase, I may earn a commission. Commissions come at no additional cost to you.

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