Hot Mic: No Photo, No booking? Not Anymore

We have a new Hot Mic episode! Yes, dear hosts. It’s time for an update on the changes to the Airbnb platform. and this time around on “Hot Mic: No Photo, No booking? Not Anymore” we have new co-host, Jason Mondesir-Caesar (Mahn-Dez-Ear-See-Czar) from Brooklyn. Hey, I love Tammi but getting her to record an episode was hard. You know all about her traveling schedule. Getting us to talk is almost as hard as getting your guest to use the make-up towel instead of your pristine, white towels to remove their goopy, black mascara. You know what I’m talking about. Hopefully, I’ll get Srta. Tammi back on the show soon because we all like to know what Grandma Pauline is up to now.

But this show is about Jason, who has been all over the Facebook Group, The Hosting Journey, commenting about “Episode 52: Numbers that Matter.” I actually had to tell him the correct air conditioner bracket to buy since he was going to get the wrong one. All you need is that AC falling down, right? You have to listen to episode 52 to know what I’m talking about. Anyway, one thing led to another and here he is on the show.

On this Hot Mic: No Photo, No booking? Not Anymore…, we talk about how Jason become a Superhost three weeks after starting Airbnbing his place. Impressive. We also talk about the changes that Airbnb has implemented because you need to know this stuff…

Some Airbnb Updates:

If you haven’t been to the Airbnb dashboard on your computer, you might not know that your listing now appears with a collage of photos. This photo collage doesn’t show up on your smartphone. On your phone, you only see one photo, but on the computer when a guest clicks on your listing they see 5 photos.

Think strategically about the photos you want to show. Yes, the potential guest will still see the rest of your photos but there are 5 photos together. So, if you have the bedroom photographed from 5 different angles, is that the best way to show off your home?

Another update was about the listing details. For rooms and spaces, you can be a bit more detailed about your home. Go to the dashboard one more time, spend about 10 minutes, and Airbnb will ask you which photos belong to bedroom number 1 or the kitchen, etc. This way the guest can understand the layout of your home a bit better.

You want your money early? Now Airbnb is rolling out early payout for an additional 1 percent charge to you, my dear hosts. Tammi and I discussed all of this on “Episode 18: Hot Mic. What does a Guest Rave About.” Now, we’re finally seeing it in action.

Airbnb's Discrimination Policy:

The big change that Jason and I discussed is no guest photo before booking. Yes, per Airbnb:

Airbnb announces booking policy change to head off the outcry over persistent racial discrimination

Ok, so we will not have the option of seeing a photo BEFORE accepting a booking reservation, but we can request that guests send one after they have made a reservation. Hosts must proactively turn on this feature for each of their listings before they receive a reservation request.

If a host asks for a profile photo, Airbnb will prompt guests to upload one to their Airbnb profile before they can request to book that host’s particular listing; however, the photo will not be presented to the host until after the booking is confirmed.

On “Episode 47: Cancellations, Refunds, and Last Minute Guests Requests,” I talk all about cancellation policies, refunds, etc go and listen because If you cancel the guest’s reservation AFTER you see the photo, you can get into trouble with Airbnb for discrimination. Jason and I even talked about the unspeakable: do you ever have sex with your guest? Yeah, we went there and I know you want to know.

I want to say thank you to Jason for joining me on this very entertaining episode of Hot Mic. Don’t worry! Tammi will be back soon, too. If in NY visit Jason's Gorgeous place… I love the bright colors in his apartment.

Jason's Home

Remember, Airbnb will continue making changes to their platform. And no, they will not inform us of those changes. Whether you agree with them or not, if you want to do business in their arena you have to play by their rules. You just need to be informed so you can make the appropriate decisions and changes to your listing.


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