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THJ 78: Is My Home a 5-Star Airbnb?

In “Is My Home a 5-star Everything Airbnb?” I talk about how we hosts can implement Airbnb’s new Luxe home inspection for our own vacation rentals. Listen and learn how we can improve our business by looking at each inspection category: Form, Function, Feel, Location, and Services.

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THJ 77: How to be a Savvy Shopper for your Airbnb

Building a new Airbnb? Long time host and still feeling the need to get a bit more organized when sales time comes around? Listen to “How to be a Savvy Shopper for your Airbnb” to get the best way to navigate the upcoming sale seasons.

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THJ 74 Reviews: Learning, Adapting, and When to Say, No, Thank You

Criticism is rarely easy or comfortable to receive. In The Hosting Journey, it can make or break our business. How we respond to positive and negative reviews can improve your listing and get us more of those stars we love to see. Listen to “Reviews: Learning, Adapting, and When to Say, No Thank You.” to learn more.

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