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THJ 31:  How to Make the Most of Your Property

THJ 31: How to Make the Most of Your Property

Thibault Masson is my special guest in “How to make the most of your property – working with different platforms.” Masson is an experienced vacation rental owner and a Product Marketing Manager at BOOKING.COM. We discuss the evolution of the business and his 20-year career as a host. We learn the advantages of being on multiple platforms, managing multiple calendars, and how many platforms are too many. We review vacation rental investing and channel managers. Plus, we discuss BOOKING.COM and get ALL the insider scoops about the platform.

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THJ 30: How to Use Airdna Data to Improve Your Airbnb

Learn How to use Airdna data to Improve your Airbnb from expert analyst Scott Shatford, CEO/Founder of AirDNA. Scott will help us understand how to use data analysis to promote our current listings and how it can assist us to select the best cities to invest in. We discuss if there is an Airbnb bubble looming and how to avoid it. We also chat about MarketMinder, a new tool that assesses neighborhood rentals and top investment markets. Plus, how proper data can help us avoid common vacation rental pitfalls and mistakes. Let data be our friend dear hosts.

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THJ 28: 2017 A Year in Review

Welcome to the 2017 Year In Review with Tammi Sims. A recap episode of all the top Hosting Journey topics of the past year, the top hits and trends from The Hosting Journey Facebook Group, changes at Airbnb, and some great tips to help make YOUR 2018 HOSTING JOURNEY GREAT!

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