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As you well know, in the Hosting Journey podcast we talk about guests you love and guests you love to see go, mystery stains, gratitude, and the law. Yes, if it’s a topic that’s hot and current, we try not to shy away. At the beginning of 2019 New York City will be implementing a new law, which Airbnb calls the “Homesharing Surveillance Ordinance.” In this episode, I bring back Brandon McKenzie so we can discuss Airbnb NY: the 2019 Law and Order Files.

Brandon is a Busy Man…

Why did I ask Brandon to come back? Because Brandon is an attorney with Moss & Moss, where his practice focuses primarily on real estate litigation. He is also Vice President of Operations at a FantasticStay, a short-term rental software platform. Prior to joining FantasticStay, Brian was also one of the founders of MetroButler, New York's leading short-term rental management company. Suffice it to say he knows his stuff

Brandon was here at the Hosting Journey Podcast on Episode 25: How to Hire a Property Management Service Company. Most importantly, he joined me for Episode 32: How To Successfully Process A Security Claim With Airbnb. You want to listen to those episodes.

Laws are Changing

Look, even if you’re not in NY and you think this doesn’t apply to you, laws are getting changed and implemented EVERY DAY.

San Diego had a law home sharing law and they changed it. Baltimore is currently trying to pass something. Amsterdam and Barcelona have almost no home sharing laws. No matter where we are, we all need to be informed. I’ll have other hosts from those communities on the show because I know it isn’t all about NY or the United States. I know that, my dear hosts. But this law is coming right up and affecting yours truly, so I am starting with the most immediate fire and will fan out from there

Like always, thank you so much, Brandon, for sharing so much information with the hosting community. I appreciate and value everything you do for us!

NY Public Hearing Dec. 18, 2018

Dear hosts, remember the New York public hearing will take place at 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday, December 18, 2018. The hearing will be in Spector Hall on the ground level of 22 Reade St, New York, NY, 10007.

Anyone can comment on the proposed rules. Anyone.

  • Email comments to, with the subject line of “comment on the proposed rule.”
  • Mail comments to Executive Director Christian Klossner at The Mayor’s Office of Special Enforcement, 22 Reade St., 4th Floor, New York, NY, 10007.
  • View the notice here

Here is a link to Airbnb's lawsuit, just in case you want to see it.

Hosts, please get informed and get involved. It’s up to us. It’s our businesses, our homes.


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