Airbnb Legal Drama

We all enjoy a good legal drama. We love kicking off our shoes and watching it on a widescreen TV from the comfort of our overstuffed but comfy couch. We can get really wrapped up in the storylines, and we love trying to guess the ending in advance. Netflix & chill, not that kind of chilling dear hosts. You know what I mean…It’s a relaxing way to spend an evening at home.

What’s not so much fun is when we’re part of the drama and our Airbnb is the scene of the crime. Excuse me for being overly dramatic, but if you listened to Episode 69, An Unauthorized Party in My House. You know I had a hosting experience where there were some pretty serious violations of my house rules. 

The police were not called, there was no crime scene tape surrounding the building and no body outline in chalk. But there were some expensive lessons learned. 

In today’s, episode, Tuning-In to the Airbnb Legal Drama, I’m joined by real estate attorney Brandon McKenzie of Moss and Moss, LLP, a New York-based law firm. Brandon’s practice focuses mainly on Airbnb and short-term rentals, real estate, and the sharing economy; so, listen up, as we discuss all the ins and outs of the Airbnb, claims process and other juicy legal stuff.

Brandon Our Resident Lawyer:

This is Brandon’s fourth time on The Hosting Journey Podcast. I guess he is becoming our resident lawyer. Ok dear hosts, here comes the legal disclaimer. Brandon does not give legal advice on this episode.

But he does give us some great insight into things we can do to protect ourselves in the unfortunate event that we need to process a claim with Airbnb.

Today’s episode, Tuning-In to the Airbnb Legal Drama, is actually a follow-up to Episode 69, An Unauthorized Party in My House. In that episode, I shared the hard lessons I learned from the experience I talked about earlier. Go back and listen for all the gory details, but I’ll just say this: It involved unauthorized overnight guests who came for an unauthorized party and smoked way too much-unauthorized pot. And those are just the highlights, my dear hosts.

But even worse than the scene at my property was the second act of this legal drama, where I tried to process an Airbnb claim. Brandon knows the ins-and-outs of Airbnb claims and disputes, and he gives us some valuable insights and information.

We talked about…

  • Documentation
  • Claims & disputes
  • Airbnb terms of service
  • Trespassing charges,
  • and the importance of giving honest reviews to save other hosts from unauthorized pot-smoking partygoers.

You’re going to learn a lot from listening to Tuning-In to the Airbnb Legal Drama,

Get in Touch with Brandon:

As always, I want to thank Brandon for joining us and sharing his knowledge with us. I learned so much, and I know you did too. You can find Brandon at, please tell him you found him through the hosting journey. 

Please protect your business and yourself; because if anyone is going to have a party, let it be you. 

The Party Crasher,


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