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Dear hosts today I have Kathy Holdway from Dagron Head Retreat in Texas. and in today’s episode, Kathy and I go deep about her one-page lease agreement & house rules. We talk about the particular year she had a tornado, floods and guest’s damages that forced her to create a lease-agreement. And most important how she implements it. That’s today’s episode A Lease Agreement from Dragon Head for Your Airbnb.

Dragonhead Retreat:

The reason I selected Kathy was that she answered one of the many posts in my Facebook Group The Hosting Journey and in it, she mentioned how her husband Jeff said something that changed her hosting style and that statement changed her entire hosting life, it gave her peace and balance.

Kathy Holway and Jeff Basehore created Dragonhead Retreat in Texas. It’s 25 acres that feel like you’re waking up in heaven and where sissy cars need not apply.

Dragonhead Retreat is a labor of love for Kathy and Jeff, blending their strengths and dreams, personally and professionally, to create a unique venue, designed to be energy efficient, with nature and art at every turn.

“I always wanted to live in a treehouse!” is Jeff’s response when guests comment that it feels like they’re at the top of the trees.

Doesn’t that sound just lovely dear hosts.

Your Airbnb Lease Agreement:

Kathy thank you so much for sharing your story and your lease agreement with us. Yes, dear hosts, you can get Kathy’s one-page lease agreement, right here.  I recommend that you use it as a template and create your own since rules and regulations vary by city and state. 

So check with your lawyer.

Airbnb Lease Agreement

Your Guests, Not Your Company:

Now, why don’t you tell us what you found valuable about this episode? Post them on Instagram. Are you going to create a lease agreement for your business? Maybe make it a Spring project, you can just download Kathy’s agreement to get you started. 

Let’s not forget Jeff’s advice.. “They are your Guests, not your company.” Remember you’re running a business, not an afterthought. Protect it.

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