Airbnb Black Friday Deals

This episode is going to be short and sweet. I had another episode to release, but I kept getting emails about all the specials that were taking place this week here in the United States I felt I needed to tell you, right? Nothing like saving on your Airbnb with Black Friday Deals. Since it’s also the time of year to say thank you, this is a “Gratitude with a Little Shopping on the Side” episode.


Yes, I did Episode 27: 2017 Gift Guide for the Airbnb Host, where I spoke about the perfect gifts for you, my dear hosts. But today, we’re talking about what’s going on sale on Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2018. So get your credit cards ready, and let’s go shopping!

Let’s talk about the most important things first. No, I don’t mean what kind of sale is happening. I am talking about gratitude….

I’m thankful for the life that Airbnb has allowed me to create. If you’re a long time listener, you know that I started hosting in 2010. I found Airbnb, threw a party the day before my first guest arrived, didn’t have and here I am eight years later, still living with strangers. Some days I’m more grateful than others.

If you want all the dirty details, you can listen to Episode 1: My Personal Hosting Journey. Today, I’m grateful that Airbnb pays my mortgage, that I am able to share my home with interesting people, and that I have created a new career in hospitality and another as an entrepreneur and educator. I also work with a great team with whom I love to collaborate. Thank you, Joe and Marieke.

I enjoy being part of this community, going to the Facebook Group, The Hosting Journey, and sharing with you the good, the bad, and all the adventures in between of this hosting life we lead. I’m grateful and hope to continue hosting and teaching for a long time.

Now for what you really want to hear about… Let’s go shopping.


Plan ahead. Make a list of what you need for your home and your Airbnb. They might be one and the same if you share a space with your guests like me, but I recommend keeping your personal purchases separate. Hey, I don’t share my sheets or towels with my guests. If you do, that’s ok. No judgment.

Think of items that might need replacement or are at the end of their lifespan:

  • Do you need new sheets, towels?
  • What about appliances?
  • Do you want to add some new technology? Like video doorbells? Or a smart lock? What about thermostat you can control from your smartphone?
  • Are your guests complaining about the mattress? It might be time to replace it.

Now might be a good time for replacing or updating, but you will want to create a budget of how much you want to spend (because we can totally overspend…listen to “Episode 52: Numbers that Matter: Is that Welcome Basket Worth It?”).

It’s all about crunching those numbers, dear hosts.

What to Buy:

Now that you have gone through your Airbnb, you have decided what to get, right? But what if you’re just starting out? It can be a bit overwhelming. Don’t worry! I got you covered. I created an Essentials list with the products I use at my own Airbnb, and you can get the list here.

It’s a Google excel sheet, which you can download as a pdf with live links. Yes, the links affiliate and I’ll get a commission if you use them, but these are also products I use at my own Airbnb…from the sheets at Target to the night lights that light the way for my guests.

Why do I recommend these specific Target Threshold Performance sheets? They have double corners so they don’t ride up. They also have these tabs that say side up or down. When you’re making the bed, this saves you time and trouble. I’m talking minutes, people! And I still have sets from years ago, the quality is that good. Trust me. Just get them on sale, and those sales are happening now.

SALES are happening at:

Target, of course. They are having sales on the Threshold Performance Sheets that I love and adore, as well as tons of other items.

Amazon is having some big sales, from Black Friday through Cyber Monday.

Ring is on sale right now at 20% off. I have version one, which is the battery version but I’m thinking of replacing it with the wired version and moving the original one to a second door where there isn’t as much traffic. I have learned this lesson during my first year with the Ring Video Doorbell. As much as I love it, I’m not crazy about having to recharge the battery or worrying that the battery is running out. You live and learn.

Nest Thermostat is also on sale so you can control that heat from your smartphone, and now they even have video doorbells.

Best Buy is a good option for electronics, and they’re having some great sales on TVs. I don’t believe you need a television in the bedroom, but one in the living room is a good thing.

Bed, Bath, and Beyond have already discounted items online. One of the things I love about this store is that you can return items, any time right back to the store if one is nearby. Yes, their return policy is priceless.

Overstock, Wayfair, and Crate and Barrel also have some big sales going on if you’re getting some furniture. Or you need to replace your wine glasses. Ok, that’s for my own home. I'm not getting everything for my Airbnb on this Black Friday deals.

Pro Tip:

A great tip from the Noiseware folks was to place the item in the online cart ahead of time. Then when you’re ready to buy…it’s there. Smart, right? And they're having a sale on Noiseware…

Receipts and Taxes:

Now, when you go shopping don’t forget to keep your purchases for your Airbnb separate. Why? Because purchases for your business can be written off as a tax deduction. If you have a credit card just for your vacation rental, fantastic. If you don’t, make sure you itemized those receipts because come tax time you will want to deduct that new guest television.

I don’t know if I’m going to be doing much shopping because I’m in the middle of ANOTHER construction job. Yes, dear hosts. Construction job number two of 2018, and guests are due to arrive any minute now. But I did let them know that we’re down to only one bathroom this holiday.

Whether you’re all ready for your shopping spree this season, or you’re going to binge watch the Netflix show Stay Here while having Turkey leftovers, or you’re in another part of the world where Thanksgiving isn’t even celebrated, I just want to say…

I’m very grateful to you, my dear hosts.



Some of the links mentioned are affiliate links. if you choose to make a purchase, I may earn a commission. Commissions come at no additional cost to you.

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