Your Airbnb’s listing photos are up. Your description is perfect. Now you’re setting up your guest bedroom, and you start wondering:

  • Are the sheets I have at home good enough?
  • How many sets do I need?
  • Do I need anything extra besides sheets?

And most importantly:

  • What is ALL of this gonna cost me?

Let me give you some advice I wish I had been given when I started my Airbnb back in 2010.


Airbnb 101: Bed, Sheets, and Beyond

You want to start your Airbnb right, and the sheets you select will set the tone. Your bedding will have an impact on your guests’ experience. Make your cost worth every penny.

When I first became a host, I used my amazingly soft, fantastically pricey sheets from Restoration Hardware, a very “chi-chi-fu” home store in the U.S. Those sheets gave me a sense of luxury as I looked forward to a restful night’s sleep. I felt confident that my first guests would feel that same sense of luxury.

I’ve since learned that it is not necessary to go all out on expensive sheets; however, you don’t want to go to compromise quality for cheap. It is important and possible to find a balance between the two.
Some questions to ask yourself before you decide to use your own sheets:

  • Are your college sheets ok? They’re soft to the touch.  Sheer, you might say, since the thread is barely holding them together.
  • Do they have a tiny stain or tear?
  • Do you love sleeping in those amazing sheets? Will you be upset if your guest ruins them?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you need new sheets for your guests!

If you wouldn’t let your loved ones sleep on them, whether it’s your family or a significant other,  do not use them for your guests. Also, if they’re your most priceless sheets, don’t use them for your guests… It’ll save you grief later, trust me.

If your sheets are in good condition and you don’t mind if they get stained or ripped, then you’re welcome to use them for your guests.

What are considered “good condition” sheets?

  • No stains… Sorry, not even that tiny spot.
  • No tears or rips… Yes, even that small one.
  • No pilley… Oh, the pilley.
  • They feel soft… But you’re not feeling the mattress.


My recommendation is to get two or three sets of sheets per bed.


Because you want back-ups! Because if you follow my easy Airbnb guides, you’ll soon start having guests checking out and in on the same day. Yes, same-day! You or your cleaning person pulls the current sheets, and they’re stained. Chances are you won’t have time to launder. So, I always recommend a minimum of two sets. When you have recovered your investment, you can buy a third set… Before you know it, you’ll have plenty.

Knowing you have at least one extra set of sheets handy will give you the gift of peace of mind. Aw, what a gift.

Airbnb 101: Bed, Sheets, and Beyond

Things to consider when buying sheets:  


They don’t need to be 600 Egyptian cotton, but you also don’t want to get the 200 thread type (sheer).  Buy quality linens. They will last longer, and your guests will sleep a lot better. I stayed at an Airbnb, and I had to ask the host to change my sheets. They were pilley, and I just couldn’t get a good night’s sleep. This is not the kind of first impression of your home that you want your guests to have.


Color is important. My preference is white sheets for the “hotel” look.  In addition, white sheets are easier to clean and bleach.  Remember, they will get stained. My BFF neighbor host prefers prints for a romantic touch. A fellow who hosts in another neighborhood prefers dark colors for a touch of… well, I will let you use your imagination on that one.


The material you choose for bedding can also help you brand yourself. Are you “Green?” Organic? Cotton? Silk? These choices can be a way to set yourself apart and attract a certain genre of guest.

I do not purchase 100% cotton because they take quite a bit longer to dry. Also, unless they are a high thread count, they do not feel as soft. They are also more wrinkly when you take them out of the laundry. I know of hosts who iron the pillowcases and top of the sheet, but that’s not me.



Preventing bed bugs is essential. Bed bug covers will protect your mattress and pillows and are easier to wash than your mattress or pillow.

There are some on the market that can protect against spills (yes, guests will drink in bed, even if you tell them not to do it) and other unmentionable “accidents.”  

Depending on the size of the bed, these covers run from $60 – $250.  I typically buy my covers at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I prefer to spend a bit more money and get the best quality, since they will last longer.


Just like your sheets, your pillows needs to look and feel pristine. They don’t need to be new, but please don’t use your flattened out, sweat-stained pillows. Some guests like to strip the bed, and you’ll get a lower star rating for those stained pillows.


A duvet not only makes your bed look pristine; it also provides additional warmth during the winter months. You can find a variety of duvets, from hypoallergenic to goose feather.

Because of allergies, I buy hypoallergenic, which is what I recommend for you to buy as well. You don’t want your guests tossing and turning with allergies.

During the summer I use a coverlet, which is a thinner version of a duvet.


If you have a bed with a metal frame, consider getting a bed skirt. It gives a great look to the bed, and you only need to buy one.



Airbnb 101: Bed, Sheets, and Beyond

I like to inspect my sheets before I buy them, so I don’t buy them on the internet unless I’m buying a set I have bought and loved in the past.  

Another great host I know swears by Overstock: for bedding.

I have purchased sets at Target and love their Fieldcrest and Threshold Performance line. The Threshold Performance brand is my go-to for sheets.  

These sheets are great quality and a great price at $30 – $70. Good thread count; fits a deep mattress; lots of choices in solids and prints. They even have a little tab that says what part of the fitted sheet goes to the side of the bed, a great time saver when you’re making the beds for a quick turn around.

I bought a few sheet sets at Costco. I like their feel, but they didn’t hold the abuse I put them through. I was using bleach at the time, and the fabric didn’t last a year. I don’t use bleach as much anymore, so maybe I’ll try them again.

Watch for sales for even more savings. A good time to buy sheets and even towels is January and August.

Target logo

This is not a paid advertisement. That being said, if Target, Costco, or Bed, Bath, and Beyond want to send some discounts our way, we will be happy hosts.


You can download this checklist, where I provide costs and links to my recommendations:


Try out different brands and styles, and see what works for you. I have a couple of sets of these, and I like that they have a pretty hem and they don’t come out too wrinkled from the dryer.

Threshold Performance Sheet Set with Decorative Hem:

TWIN BED  – $24.00

FULL BED – $36.00

QUEEN – $40.00

KING – $48.00


You can either buy a set or get a white duvet and buy covers. I have both options, but my preference are covers for the duvets.


Seersucker Duvet Cover Set -Threshold™:

FULL/QUEEN  $56.00

KING: $64

ROOM ESSENTIALS is also a good enough brand from Target for when you’re starting out.

Duvet Cover Set – Room Essentials™:

TWIN BED  – $16.00


KING – $28.00

You can also buy an insert and replace the duvet covers. This is a bit more expensive, but you have more options for changing the covers when you wash them.

Down Alternative Comforter – Level 1 – 3M® Thinsulate:

TWIN BED  – $40.00


KING – $108.00


A bed skirt not only covers those ugly metal frames; it can also hide anything you store under your bed. I keep any seasonal comforters and extras in plastic bins under the bed.  It’s NY; we don’t have that much space.

Bed skirt hiding stuff under my bed.

Solid Bedskirt – Room Essentials™:
TWIN BED  – $11.00

FULL – $12.00

QUEEN BED – $13.00

KING – $15.00


Too many choices, and it’s an item I like to buy in person. I want to feel the firmness and comfort of the pillow. I don’t give choices of different pillow firmness, but I know of hosts who do.

Overfilled Pillow (Jumbo) White – Room Essentials™:

Price: $5.00


I have euro pillows for decorative purposes. The covers are a bit expensive, so I make sure to only buy them when I find a sale… and I mean, a good sale.

The photography for my bedroom listing has Euro Pillows plus extra pillows for decorational purposes. I only place two sets of pillows for guests, not four.

Threshold™ Euro Square Pillow:

Price – $10.00

Classic Hotel Euro Sham – Fieldcrest™:

Price – $24.00


I like a bed bug cover that also protects for allergies and spills.

Remedy Bed Bug and Dust Mite Mattress Protector in White:

TWIN BED  – $40.00

FULL – $53.00

QUEEN BED – $49.00

KING – $60.00



Remedy Bed Bug and Dust Mite Queen Pillow Protector in White (Set of 2):

QUEEN – $30.00



If you are shopping online, use Ebates for additional savings. (Referral Link)

You may not have ever given this much consideration to sheets in your life. Whether you have or you’re just getting started, we would love to hear from you! What do YOU love about sheets? What is your thread count preference? Are you a 1000 thread count organic egyptian cotton host? Do you go white or prefer darker colors? Oh yes, the great debate: solid vs. pattern?

Share your questions or love of sheets!

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A happy host makes for happy guests!

Remember to buy a good set of sheets for yourself, too. There is nothing like slipping into a wonderfully comfortable bed after spending time setting up for your guests.

Have a great week, and Happy Hosting!




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