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Dear hosts, it has been ohh so long since I was in your lovely ears. How long? Well, spring is in full force in NYC, I sold Eveland 1.0, I already bought 3 houses for Eveland 2.0 and I have lost my hair due to chemotherapy. If you have no clue what I’m talking about, go and listen to Episode 123: No Heat, a Leak, and Plan C so you can catch up.

Before you leave, stop and listen to today's episode, “5 Key Questions Everyone Should Answer.”

In this episode, I talk with Michelle from Cityami. Whether you’re just starting your short-term rental journey, you’re thinking of selling or you have been hosting for a while, this episode is for you.

If you’re starting out it’s a good thing to ponder the question of why you want to get into the short-term rental world. Believe me, it isn’t for the thin-skinned or faint of heart person.

Thinking of selling? Do you want to invest in another property? These questions can guide you in that decision.

Have you been hosting for a while and jumped in feet first without much thought? (My hand is going up here.) Sometimes it’s good to stop and create a plan, even if you’re in the middle of your journey. 

In 5 Key Questions, Everyone Should Answer, Michelle urged me to answer these questions as I was preparing to invest up to $1.2M in cash. Yes, at the time of this recording I hadn’t sold Eveland 1.0 yet. We were starting the 1031 adventure. The answers dictated the journey we were embarking on. So listen up to 5 Key Questions Everyone Should Answer.

How Much It Cost:

Whether renting or buying, there are 5 key questions everyone needs to answer before investing in the Airbnb or short term rental real estate market.

In this video, Michelle Himden from Cityami and Evelyn Badia from The Hosting Journey venture together into their next journey: Preparing to invest up to $1.2M cash, expanding Evelyn’s business from her first home to her first portfolio of homes.

You can find more investor tips from Michelle Himden at https://www.cityami.com/

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