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Three Kings Day Sale

The gift-giving season isn’t over… 

Start the New Year right by tackling your to-do list items and giving yourself the gift of “done”—now at a discounted rate:


The 5-Star House Manual

Your 24-Hour Concierge for Your Airbnb

The Language Of Welcome

The Ultimate Guide to Guest Communication

Getting it Done in 2020

Making a Plan for a Profitable Year

Something For Everyone!

Here in Puerto Rico, we celebrate Three Kings Days; and instead of me getting gifts, you are!
You get a gift, you get a gift, you get a gift…

Hey, Puertoricans love celebrations, parties, and gift-giving. 

Puerto Rico is considered the happiest place in the world for a reason.

And you’ll be happy too when you get all your stuff in order AND  get it with a discount. 








The 5-Star House Manual – 20% off

Does your list include updating your outdated House Manual? Or even better, creating a brand new manual that answers your guest’s questions before they even have them? Now you can!

The easy to use, customizable template will let you spend less time answering questions and more time enjoying your life. Purchase the 5-Star House Manual and simplify your hosting life in 2020 and beyond. You’ll get access to beautifully designed, customizable templates that are easy to update and will be yours forever—to use for 1 listing or 100. I’ve done the work for you. Just enter your information, print it and enjoy the freedom that results from happy, well-informed guests.

This is what my guests are saying about my own 5-star house manual.

“The most comprehensive and helpful book I have ever seen in an  Airbnb and we really appreciated it!”

A 5-Star House Manual your guests will read!

You can have your own 5-Star House Manual and the same happy guest reviews— and now for 20% off!

The Language of Welcome – 20% off

Get The Language of Welcome: The Ultimate Guide to Guest Communication—just in time for a new hosting year. 

You’ll have access to the words you need to communicate with guests so that you book, delight, and get 5-star reviews. With more than 20 pre-written scripts to take you from Inquiry to Review, I’ve got you covered with just the right words, at your fingertips. 

  • You’ll have the right answer for your guests’ request for a discount or an early check-in
  • You’ll have the perfect words for creating the ideal arrival email
  • Use ALL of my templates so your communication will be as strategic and clear as a Superhost with 10 years of experience. 

And get ready for guest reviews that sound something like this…

You’ll also get the gift of automation so that your guests get your emails while you’re doing laundry or sleeping.  Ahh, sleep…the golden hours….

The Language of Welcome will help you step-up your guest communications and never be at a loss for words. It’s the freedom of customizable, pre-written messages and the convenience of an automated system of emails. Pure gold

Getting it Done in 2020 – 20% off

We’re already in the New Year–are you working on what’s important, or are you just letting the year happen to you? Don’t sit there with that “host-in-the-headlights” look. Let this workshop prepare you for the rest of the year with a strategic plan. 

This is a strategic planning workshop that will get you ready to move into a profitable year of Airbnb hosting with confidence and positivity. A new year is just beginning. Are you ready to meet it head-on? 

This workshop will prepare you to review what worked and what didn’t, strategically plan your calendar to make the most of ALL the days, prep your space for year-round hosting with ease, and promote your listing to attract new and returning guests. You’ll be prepared to serve your guests with confidence, and you’ll even learn how to build-in some “Me Time” to relax, renew and recharge. That’s waaay better than frankincense or myrrh! And at 20% off, you’re welcome.


Three Kings Day Sale!

Let the celebration continue!