I love taking photos… No, not just selfies! I love taking all kinds of photos. So, on this week’s Play the Replay, “Spring Clean Your Airbnb Challenge: Cleaning Your Photos”, we discussed just that, taking photos! How to take them and maximize them to their fullest potential. 

Yes, the  class is now on RERUN! Lucky you.

Watch us have Fun learning our CLOSE UPs:

  • Setting up your space for shoot day.

  • Using your photos to maximize your listings potential .

  • Plus, my special guest, professional photographer, Lance La Breche. He’s amazing! You NEVER looked this good!

Did you know I do quick reviews of listings at the end of each class? Snap! I do.  



Oh, and don’t forget to join next week’s class. The topic will be ALL about “Description”. How to use certain words, phrases, adjectives…. Writing all the pretty things you want to write but didn’t know you had it in you.

Words can make a guest feel right at home! Incorporating what we’ve learned from the  previous 2 classes, “Cleaning Your Space” and “Cleaning Your Photos” we can now add great descriptions to entice a guest to stay at your place. .

Come join us! Let's get that Airbnb Description selling your listing!

  • Benefits instead of amenities

  • Adjectives to describe your listing.

  • How to sell guests your imperfect home perfectly.

Next week’s class, “Spring Clean Your Airbnb Challenge – Your Description,” will have everything to do with describing to the best of your listing. Short but SO SWEET!

Join now! You still have time!

Until then!

Happy Hosting,



P.S. By registering, you'll get all the goodies I gave away for the first class. What? Yes, I’m a giver.


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