It's all about the art of the sell. So, how well are you selling yourself?! Your listing, that is!

On this week’s Play the Replay, “Spring Clean Your Airbnb Challenge:  Cleaning Your Description,” we discussed just that, selling your Airbnb listing. How to properly describe your listing with words to give it that extra humph. We even tackled SEO! Yep, we did.

Oh no, you missed the class? Awww…I wish I could help you. Oh, wait! I can!

Yes, the  class is on RERUN! I'm all about helping.

You can watch us have fun using our words:

  • Benefits instead of amenities.
  • Adjectives to describe your Airbnb listing.
  • How to sell your imperfect home, perfectly.
  • Plus, Micah Johnson was on hand to help us understand SEO.

Remember, I do quick reviews of listings at the end of each class? Word!

Come  join the last installment of the “Spring Clean Your Airbnb Challenge” series. This last topic will be ALL about “Your House Manual.” How to get your “House Manual” to do ALL the talking. Let it FREE you from answering the same questions over and over and over…Did I say, over?

A “House Manual” can make a guest feel at home! Give them ALL the answers without them ever asking you. Win, win!

Having the  previous 3 classes, “Cleaning Your Space,” “Cleaning Your Photos,” and “Cleaning Your Description” under your belt, it only makes sense to top it off with the great “House Manual” class, to place that cherry on top…on Top of your listing, of course.

Come join us! Let's get “Your House Manual” doing ALL the talking!

  • What is essential.
  • The extras.
  • And what will make your home stand apart.

My guests talk about my house manual in my reviews all the time.

Next week’s last class of the 4 Four, “Spring Clean Your Airbnb Challenge – Your House Manual,” will be about having a “House Manual” that will make your guest feel like they know your home and neighborhood. It's going to be YOUR bestseller!

Join now! You still have time!

The Manual Creator,


P.S. By registering, you'll be getting all the goodies I gave away during the class. What? And there are tons of goodies.

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