So you think you need a lot of money to set your listing apart? Or in order to redesign your space you need to hire a professional designer? Negative.

All you really need to hire is… The internet!  True story. Consider investing a little on interior design to get back a lot in increased bookings. If you don’t know from colors to pillows you can either:

A- Go through Pinterest

B- Go through other Airbnb’s photos

C- Go through magazines

D- Hire a Designer ( Of course, if you can hire a designer, you’ll find these tips amusing:)

Select images that speak to you and try to imitate. Know that if you have a quirky style some people will like it as well.

I personally can’t  design my way out of my own house, though at times think I can…  Luckily, one of my besties is a designer and he reminds me… I can’t. Sweetly, of course. Guests ALWAYS compliment me on the beauty, style and comfort of my home and I ALWAYS say (reluctantly)… Not done by me.

Elle Callanan did a class about Design for your Airbnb. Go check it out for some inspiration.

And remember sparse isn’t a design.


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