Easy! Name it!

You should have a nickname for your home/airbnb. It doesn’t have to be too fancy but it should be something catchy. My house name is Eveland and tons of my communiqués have it.

Come up with a name and brand the #@% out of it! Trust me, guests after looking at a million listings might not remember a specific listing but will remember a catchy pseudonym.

So, sign your name and under it sign your “home name”. Your guests will refer to it in conversation. Hence, NAME IT!

If you’re going to have a website for your home let it be your catchy name.  Of course, make sure it’s an available domain and then buy it. You can also do pens, notepads, water bottles, umbrellas, your house manual, etc.  But for now, get a name… and BRAND it.


Eveland's House Manual

Eveland’s House Manual

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