Elle Callanan has once again graced our screens with her calm and peaceful presence. This time out she spoke about, “Hosting for the Soul.” A class where we discussed how to secure our “oxygen masks” first, creating a compass for daily life and even for hosting. How these simple lessons can edify your life and create a ripple effect.

Below are some key notes… but trust me take the time and watch Elle’s soulful conversation.

My key notes doesn’t give it justice.

Elle started the class by asking us to relax, visualize and to imagine ourselves as carpenters, building our dream home, inviting us to share it with others.

One of the key components is “how do we want to feel every day”. To be clear about our own feelings we have to:

“Secure your own Oxygen Mask”. This is a metaphor for life.  Just like on an airplane we’re told to secure our own mask/ before assisting others. In life and especially in hosting, we have to make sure we take care of our needs first. Living a life of an Airbnb host can be demanding of our time and space. Especially if you’re living with your guests.

You need to be clear with your boundaries. Set the perimeters to what you will and will not allow. Secure your Oxygen Mask. Also, it’s ok to ask for help. You don’t need to do it all. Sometimes having someone come in and clean your space is beneficial. Or maybe dropping off your laundry every so often, instead of doing it all yourself. These little things can be you securing your oxygen mask.

How do you want to feel every day?

Creating your Compass in Daily Life is a way to realize we’re in control and know what is true to us. Knowing how to start our day and what we want to add to our lives.

Peace, Financial Security, Freedom. You decide. Everyday.

And remember that feeling creates a ripple effect. A ripple effect that commences with you.

As Elle beautifully said “Let our own light shine by being ourselves.”

Happy Hosting!


PS: *Here is Elle Callanan’s first chat with us on Interior Design for your Airbnb and below is her bio:

Elle is a business owner, life coach and decorator, and loves hosting her Airbnb guests in Manhattan and Connecticut. After over a decade visually branding flagship stores for retailers like Pottery Barn and Anthropologie, she now partners with clients to create beautiful, functional home solutions and personal action plans, serving each client’s needs from self care to clean closets to additional income.

To learn more about Elle and Elle Home, visit her on Instagram at @ellecallanan and reach out via email at elle@ellehome.com.

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