Hackers are back and with an interesting twist” and I use “interesting twist”, not for lack of a better term! I just got an email from a “potential guest”. He writes my space is “listed for a cheaper price” at another site. He even provides me the other link (Hackers are so nice).

Of course, I put on my Nancy Drew hat and off I went to check it out. Immediately, I’m like, hmmm, Nancy, you’re in danger gurl!  The site is asking for my personal password and log-in information. No, I didn't go through the rabbit hole. I’m not “Alice in Wonderland”, I’m Eve in “Eveland!”

If you ever get something like this,  especially asking for ANY personal information, FLAG it and let Airbnb know. They have a Trust and Safety Department for a reason. ALWAYS keep your information secure, don't follow any instructions, don’t click on any links and don't log-in to any other site, which asks for your Airbnb log-in details.

If you have clicked on any links provided in the email, reset your password/s immediately and contact Airbnb.

Airbnb promptly took care of my issue but here is a link for Airbnb’s Security Resources.

Happy Hosting,


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