Airbnb Open day 2 started with a flash, a dash, some cash (don’t ask), and became an Uber-filled day. Elizabeth Gilbert, known for her bestselling book Eat, Pray Love, started my morning with her packed session, Creative Living Beyond Fear: Traveling with Curiosity. She spoke of her book tour for her new book Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, which Airbnb gave to the attendees of her class. Yay!


Ms. Gilbert reflected that on her book tours she traditionally concentrates solely on the tour itself and never on future “creative” endeavors. On this tour, she decided to break with tradition and create a whole new project on the fly. She began asking her drivers, make-up artists, and others she connected with during her tour, a very simple, yet complex question:

“What are you most excited about in your life right now?”

Loaded, right? I know! I told you, simple, yet complex. Two weeks after the Open, I’m still thinking about this question.

Deborah, founder of GlobalHosting Forum & Blog, got me trying to do a Facebook Live.


Here is the Facebook Live with Emily Benkert from GuestHop, where we discuss Elizabeth’s class. Please note, I got very personal. Sorry, I do.

Facebook Live Day 2 with Gail Peck

Facebook Live Day 2: Elizabeth Gilbert's Class

After a much-needed coffee break, I went to see the Successful Remote Hosting session. This session was broken into two parts. One was with my dear friends and Los Angeles roommates Alex Nigg and Tammi Sims, discussing Remote Hosting. The other was Adam Bilter’s informative Automating your Airbnb.


You can view my 2016 webinar, where Alex and Tammi share their 2015 Airbnb Paris Open Class, also about The Remote SuperHost.

This year, they updated that class, and I will be doing another webinar with them in early 2017, so they can unveil the new updated class.

Adam Bitter is also remote host, managing multiple properties around the world, which he discussed at length. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a lot of time for the real meat and potatoes about automating your home, but the session was still very informative.

Here are some of Adam’s priority recommendations:




I also saw the presentation Leaps of Faith: Strategic Risk-Taking. It was Chip Conley interviewing the Senior Nomads, Michael and Debbie Campbell. This interesting couple discussed their ongoing Airbnb life and their new book, Your Keys; Our Home. Their book was another part of our swag gifts. Yay, again!


The second part of that class was with Michael Lewis, who spoke about how he created When to Jump, a global community, featuring the individuals, stories, and ideas relating to leaving something comfortable in order to pursue a passion.

My biggest takeaway from Michael’s class was his quote,

“No jump is made overnight or alone.”

My next sessions was Jonathan Mildenhall’s Community-Driven Business and Brand. I have known and adored Jonathan since the first time we had lunch when he was between Coca-Cola and Airbnb. Between my love for Jonathan and my advertising background, I always enjoy Jonathan’s talks.

Just like other super brands, Coca-Cola, Apple, etc., Airbnb wants to be the brand that defines this generation.



Before I knew it, It was time to go off and get ready for my own presentation. Yay, I think…

My class, Reviews: Make them work for You, was part of the Be a 5-Star Host session with Holly Stiel.

A performer's nightmare! An empty room!


I wasn’t a happy camper since my class was scheduled as the class of the day. Then, if that wasn't enough, Airbnb created a “Community Dinner”, which started around the same time as my class. Yep. Their logic? Well, since I have a “following”, you guys would pass up dinner and come to my class… To Support or to Dinner? Hmmm. I felt my Lady Gaga moment slipping through my fingers.

So, with my nerves on edge, off I went to get mic’d up, made-up, dressed-up, cursing everything in sight while getting presentable for my presentation. I know, not pretty while getting pretty.

From the rehearsal, I knew I had about two minutes to slow things down and actually connect with the hosts in the room. Again, if there was anyone in the room.

Behind the scenes, the people who made it all happen.


Airbnb employee and presenter.


And the fun begins.




Imagine my relief not to be presenting to an empty room!! I was so happy to see so many hosts at my class. Soon my nerves settled and I started to enjoy myself. It was great sharing everything I know about reviews and how to use them to our advantage

Dinner or Support? Answer: SUPPORT! Love you guys!!




Airbnb hosts, Gretchen Grace and Jim Blaz….and here are her Denver listings.


Thank you, Brownyn Maddock, for taking some photos.


And special thanks to ALL you amazing hosts. I value and truly appreciate you!

And here is the slide presentation if you want to see it.

2016 Airbnb Open Presentation

Lady Gaga gives u ALL 5 stars!


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