“Self Care:” My motto for this year’s 2016 Airbnb Open in Los Angeles. Having gone through the whirlwind of an Airbnb Open before, I wanted to make sure I took “care of myself.”

I do believe I succeeded. Maybe not all the time, but for the most part, “Self Care” I did!

I arrived at LAX early Wednesday morning, being that guest who asks for “early check in” or to at least “drop off bags.” My amazing hosts, Paul and Bryan, said yes. YES!

I dropped off my bags, chatted with Paul and Bryan for a bit, and off I went to start my LA adventure. First on my agenda? Finding that “Cali Healthy Lunch.” I did at a “Forge,” recommended by my hosts, which is the best way to find those local gems.

My dear friends, co-hosts, Alex Nigg and Tammi Simms, arrived later that afternoon. They, too, were staying at Paul and Bryan’s Airbnb. We chose our rooms, took tons of photos, and off we went to our first official event for the 2016 Airbnb Open. Exciting!


Here we are! That’s ME, Left, and Emily from Guest Hop next to me. Behind, is Alex Nigg, fellow Host Educator and Properly founder, and Far Right, Adrian fromProperly.

This year, Airbnb held an event just for us Host Educators. It was great! We were able to register, get our badges, and chat with other host educators from around the globe. No, Ashton Kutcher and Elizabeth Gilbert were not there, but other A-list stars were (picture above)! It was great congregating with all the other amazing hosts and getting to know them on a personal level.

I personally want to thank Dima and Johnny for all of their support during the months of preparation for the open. I know it isn't easy.


You can watch our attempt at “Facebook Live,” which ended abruptly due to a poor wifi connection. There goes our nomination for,“Best Short Docu Drama!”

Find the beginning of our film here:

Jonny and Evelyn at Pattern Bar.

Oh, word to the wise. If you’re heading to Los Angeles, try to stay at the lovely Lucinda Home.” No joke, it was spectacular! My only regret was not being able to spend more time enjoying that amazing kitchen, beautiful garden, and stunning views at this fantastic Airbnb.


Live and Learn from every Airbnb. Don’t want your furniture rearranged? Make your power outlets easily accessible to guests.


My lush and lovely room with a clean, quiet, and comfortable queen size bed made for a queen…ME!


Breathtaking! The views, the serenity… Remember my motto, “Self Care?” Well, I definitely needed a few more days at our Airbnb.



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