I think my statement for the year is “taking on too much.” I went down a rabbit hole with August’s Cleaning Your Airbnb Like a Pro webinar, finding so much information about laundry, bathroom, kitchen, and cleaning green that the presentation was over 60 pages. So, instead of giving you or me a headache with a long post, I’ll be splitting the recap into several, individual blog posts. If you want to start cleaning right away and just can’t wait, you can always watch the video below:

Today’s post will be all about:

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Laundry is an ongoing chore! The more guests you have, the more laundry you will do. Whether you provide daily towels and sheets–which I DO NOT recommend–or change them in between guests, the laundry will grow and multiply, especially towels.

Laundry Tip #1: Towels!

I recommend buying white sheets and towels because:

  • Guests know they’re clean
  • They provide a hotel look and feel
  • Stains are easier to treat

Laundry Tip #2: Stains

I know stains will happen. People will eat on the beds, use the towels as make-up remover and pick up floor spills. Yep, floor spills. I found some useful “Stain Removal Charts” for treating stains ranging from chocolate to wine and everything in between. Download, print, and keep this chart near your laundry area.

Click on the following image to download a “Stain Removal Chart:”

By David Mao via Unsplash


And to keep those “whites” white, not only do you have to wash them in very HOT water but you could also do one of the following (Only one):

Laundry Tip #3: Pillow & Duvet

Beside towels, let’s not forget about pillows and duvets. Even with a protective cover, pillows and duvets get a bit yellowish with sweat stains. Remember, some protective pillow covers need to be air-dried, so make sure to follow the label instructions closely.

To top it off, something I've NEVER done was to clean my washer. I have lived in my home for over 10 years and it NEVER crossed my mind. It's a “washer” for pete's sake! But I’m definitely doing the following before my next wash.

Laundry Tip #4: Clean Your Washer

Your towels, sheets and clothes are dirty. That’s why you wash them. Some of the dirt, bacteria, spills and who knows what else can be left behind. Between all that plus detergent residue, your washing machine needs a “wash.”

Do you have any tips for keeping that laundry at bay? Share your stain removal secrets.  Sign up to my newsletter to get insights, webinar announcements, and get the ultimate room-to-room checklist – a must for any new or experienced host.

Until next time. The laundry awaits.

Happy Hosting!


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