After finishing the powerpoint presentation for “Perfecting Your Airbnb Listing” webinar for July, I realized I could have created three separate webinars with all of the information I wanted to present.. At one point, you’ll note the “speed round,” wherein I reviewed some listings in real time. That feature was fun, and I’m thinking of making it a regular part of future workshops. Who knows? You might be lucky and be selected in the next one.

Click on the link below to see the entire video.


Read the recap below:

    • Request Airbnb’s free photography service
        • Airbnb photos provide: more visibility, watermark, high quality
            • Remember, you don’t own the photos, so you can’t use them anywhere other than on Airbnb
    • Declutter and clean
    • Set the Room
    • Shoot during the day
    • Highlight your pet and display any unexpected features (spiral staircase?)
    • Photos need to be horizontal (hamburgers) not vertical (hot dog)
    • 1st photo should be colorful and bright
    • Captions
        • Highlight a feature
        • Be accurate, short, and snappy
        • Proofread them

      • Describe:
        • The neighborhood, rooms, and/or house
        • Proximity to public transportation, supermarket, tourist attractions,etc
        • Special amenities: Elevator? Washer and Drier?
        • Sharing with roommates, pets, or other guests?
        • Paint a descriptive picture
      • Tailor your description to your target audience: families, tourists, business travelers
      • Short sentences and paragraphs
      • Use bullet points
      • Chip Conley’s tips
        • 3 things your guests will love
        • 2 things they will not love
          • e.g. Great view, but it’s a walk up
      • Proofread, and have a friend read it as well

      • Language that captures the interest of your guests

      • What’s your Unique Selling Point?
        • Pet Friendly
        • Family Friendly
        • Proximity to a particular tourist attraction
      • In a private bedroom listing – A private bathroom is a unique selling point
      • Wifi is NOT a unique selling point. Don’t mention it in your headline, “About this Listing” or the first paragraph of your description.

I’m always looking at my listings and being diligent about revisions, especially in the “About this Listing” section. As the saying goes “The cobbler's children always go barefoot.”

If you are looking for an in-depth analysis of your listing, especially if you are brand new to Airbnb, contact me for a one-on-one consultation.

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