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Whether you love, hate or feel meh about Airbnb, in 7 years they:

  • Shook up the hospitality industry
  • Created an income stream for thousands of people (including yours truly)
  • Exploding with no end in sight

In May 2010, I became an Airbnb host when the economy shifted (I prefer to call it a shift rather than a recession). It's been an amazing ride. I've felt honored to welcome hundreds of guests into my home: Grandparents visiting their family, brand new parents picking up their adopted newborn, even a couple who held their wedding here during a hurricane.

Sure, Airbnb has helped me financially, but my personal growth and expanding empathy for each new visitor has been equally valuable. It's such a great feeling when a guest walks into my home and tells me how much they like it. I also love the idea that my home becomes part of someone’s trip.  special day, or overall experience in my home city.

A good friend started renting a bedroom in his apartment this past December. He has lived alone for many years so he was surprised when he began to  miss his guests when they’re gone! And there’s joy he gets when his guests keep in touch after they leave. And how much they want to come back. And there was an  extra special connection he has with the guest who stayed at his place during renovations but didn't bat an eye.  People are good…

… For the most part. Yes, you might get the guest who brings a stranger in the middle of the night, or smokes in your non-smoking home, or is too loud. It’s not like I never have guests who are no longer welcome here. It’s not always a bed of roses, but those guests are the exception. For the most part, my Airbnb hosting life has shown me that people are good.

And I want you to have the same experience. I’d like to show you how opening your home to strangers can change you for the better. You can create everlasting memories with people you'd probably never have met if they weren't sleeping in your home…and the money doesn't hurt either.

In less than a decade, Airbnb has grown to become:

2008 logo 2008 logo

A great article about Airbnb’s growth story:

How Airbnb founders raised money in 2008:

Airbnb has had its share of growing pain such as:

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