Airbnb and taxes are like your guests, they will always show up. With guests, you either love them or love to see them go. With taxes, you’ll be surprised by how much money you made (love), which also means how much money you have to pay in taxes (love… to see them go away).

Derek from Shared Economy, CPA and I did the February webinar all about taxes: Schedule E, Schedule C, Deductions, and much more. But before we start our conversation, here is the disclaimer:

The information contained in this website is meant only for guidance purposes and not as professional legal or tax advice. Further, it does not give personalized legal, tax, investment, or any business advice in general.

In other words, talk to your accountant or book Derek for a consultation before you go ahead and Turbo your taxes:

The video for the February Airbnb & Taxes webinar is below:

Just in case you want to read instead of watch the video, go to the blog to read the long post.

But before you go, sign up to the March webinar I will be talking about “Interior Design for Your Airbnb” with Interior Decorator and Life Coach, Elle Callanan. Elle is the moderator of the Airbnb global group, “Bedder Hosting: Perfecting the Guest Experience,” which has over 4K members around the world. Recently, Elle presented at Airbnb Open in San Francisco, CA. on the topic “Life Balance.” She  is active in our NYC community, organizing bi-annual events for hosts in NYC. In addition, Elle is always open to partnering with other fellow hosts to help them create more ease and success in their lives.

WHEN:    Saturday, March 7th
TIME:        2:00PM EST
GUEST:    Elle Callanan
TOPIC:    “Interior Design for your Airbnb


Web on over to find out what your home is reflecting to your guests. Like always, email me with any questions.

Your host,


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