This month’s webinar was about reviews, tons of questions, and my drinking water. Yes, Jason, I love my water. If you weren’t able to make it on Saturday, you can view the video below.


As I mentioned in the webinar, I am providing my reservation template. I use this template once a guest makes the reservation.

Most importantly, I’m announcing the next webinar. I’m sharing the screen with Derek Davis, Shared Economy Certified Public Accountant. Come on over to find out information on Airbnb and your income taxes. Aren’t you just a bit curious to know if your those new sheets are a tax deduction?

WHEN:    Saturday, February 21st
TIME:        2:00PM
REGISTER:    Follow this link
GUEST:    Derek Davis, Co-founder of Shared Economy, CPA
TOPIC:    Taxes and Airbnb (specifically US Income taxes); Sorry international hosts

Until then Happy Hosting!

Derek Davis is co-founder of Shared Economy and Tabby Tax. He is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with professional taxation experience. He joined the sharing economy workforce in 2014 to help service the growing need for professional tax consultatio


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