I have been in Paris since Sunday. I flew in from New York for the 2015 Airbnb Open conference.

I wanted to give myself time to acclimate, so I would not experience too much jet lag. Yeah. That didn't happen. At 4am in the morning, I was tossing and turning. Regardless of my state of being, the next day was to be what is known as:

Airbnb Open Day 0

I woke up to a cool Paris day…

I found my way to the metro and came out of the train station to fantastic Airbnb Open signage. 

It has been a few days of seeing all of Airbnb’s advertising in so many train stations.


My host, who was not happy with Airbnb paying taxes to the city of Paris, didn’t even know about the conference. Hmm, I found it odd that Airbnb would not have reached out to their Paris hosts?

At the conference, Airbnb allowed the host educators to register early, since we were going to be working on Day 0. Our day consisted of meeting all of the other host educators, rehearsing our presentation, and then going to a happy hour gathering for Superhosts.

A busy day and I was in need of coffee. Illy, my favorite, wasn’t in the house yet.

I have already met some people who will be in my November webinar.  November webinars (plural) will be all about the Open.

First Webinar, Tuesday, November 24th will be:

The Remote Superhost: Delivering a Personable Guest Experience from Afar

Alex Nigg and Tammy Simms have three listings in different parts of the world. One of their issues was teaching the cleaning staff how they wanted their homes to be set up. So, they created an amazing app, which will be for guests and cleaning staff. I'm excited to show you on the next talk. No, I haven't set up the registration page, but it will be ready for you by next week.

Fun fact: Alex and Tammy meet at last years Airbnb Open… Love conquers all!

I invite you to check out the Airbnb Open page, and let me know what might interest you. I already have Elle Callanan with Hosting for the Soul lined up for the event

In other news, Chip Conley announced direct customer service numbers for Superhosts. Yay! A direct line to someone to help us and in English and other languages. You’ll have choices, my dear Superhosts.

Ok, folks that's it for tonight. Will keep you posted tomorrow.



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