Today was my first Webinar hosting you! If you were busy and unable to attend, here is a chance to view it. You want to hear my answer to the nudist.

In 2015, I will continue to do a monthly webinar – some as Q&A and others more in-depth on specific topics such as what to do during the slow season and filing your taxes. You want to know when? Are you subscribed to my newsletter? Then you'll be in the know.

The winner of a ½ hour consultation from today’s webinar is Gianluca from Italy.  

You want a free ½ hour consultation? Come to the next webinar.

And you know what else, here is your downloadable “Listing Checklist.”  It’s so thorough, even I use it to triple check my house.


You want more?

Well, here’s the link for your 10% discount during the month of December 2014.

    CODE: December 2014

Don’t forget to subscribe because my next post is all about the first Airbnb Open Host conference in San Francisco.  Six Superhosts in one house in San Francisco – yeah, we live dangerously.

Until then Happy Hosting!


PS: The Airbnb I mentioned with the amazing photos comes from Robin in Arkansas.  Don't they look like they're painted? Thank you for allowing me to share it Robin.

Secluded Cabin near Buffalo River

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