I was going to write about how to create an Airbnb description that is engaging, captivating, and gives you results. But instead you are going to read about the time my Airbnb guests saw me naked.

By Robin Robokow via flicker photo  cc licensed


In the Private Bedroom listing, which I share with guests, I have lovely white robes for them. I point out these robes as part of my tour, with the simple statement, “I don’t want to see you naked, so here are some robes for you to use.” They always giggle, and I mention my previous guest who liked to walk around in his undies. He didn’t have a six pack, so It wasn't the best view. Also, I’m American, after all, and a bit prudish.

I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and bought these Elizabeth Arden robes. They have lasted over 3 years, and they’re worth every penny.

These particular guests were two young guys in their 20’s from Europe. It was their first time in New York, and like new tourists, they were out and about for most of the day. In the mornings, I like to give my guests some privacy to get ready for their day. Because I work from home my schedule is flexible, I stay in my room until I hear my guests leave.

I like to clean the bathroom naked. You don’t? The toilet and sink, I’m clothed, but once I hit the shower, I’m naked.

This particular morning, when I heard my guests leave, I got out of my bedroom and went about my day. I started cleaning the bathroom, and then the door yanks open and there is Hamid seeing me naked, on my knees, scrubbing the shower, my ass in the air. I screamed! He got scared and slammed the door. When I got out, all he said was,”So the naked rule doesn’t apply to you?” I had to laugh because at the end of the day it was my fault; I didn’t lock the door.

Today’s tips:  Buy robes, and lock the door. Even if you think your guests are gone, lock the door or live the consequences. Things happen; it is the life of living with strangers.

Do you have any great guests stories?  Moments which make you shake your head in disbelief? Share those moments that only happened because of home sharing.

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As always, Happy Hosting!

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